Chloe Bartoli – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Jared Leto’s Girlfriend

Chloe Bartoli – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Jared Leto’s Girlfriend

One of the ways to gain fame in the entertainment industry is to get close with the Kardashians or become their enemy, everyone linked with the famous big family seems to always find themselves in the spotlight and that is the case with Chloe Bartoli who first gained attention in 2015 when she began “allegedly” dating Scott Disick, right after he split with his longterm Kardashian lover, Kourtney.

Chloe was labeled a homewrecker as many believed she was the reason Disick broke up with Kourtney. Bartoli would come to reveal that she had only dated Scott in the past, however, she has managed to remain in the spotlight since then. Once you’ve been in the tabloids, chances are that you might end up there another time and Bartoli doesn’t seem to mind all of the attention. Here is what we know about her.

Chloe Bartoli Bio (Age)

Chloe Bartoli came to the world not alone but with her twin sister named Marielou Bartoli. Together, the twins were born on the 25th of June 1990 in California. Bartoli is French! She was born to parents who moved from Paris to California right before having them. The French seem to always have it right with fashion and Bartoli and her sisters have proven to be true Frenchwomen. They were originally inspired to go into fashion by their parents who according to them were always rightly dressed and had impeccable taste in clothes. Though born and raised in America, the twin sisters have stayed true to their roots, speaking only French at their shared house in Beverly Green, Los Angeles.

While still a high school student, Chloe Bartoli began her fashion career by working in the designer boutique, Curve. A couple of years after high school graduation, Bartoli left the store as she felt there was no longer room for her to grow, so she launched out, joining forces with her twin sister Marielou.

Despite not working as an intern or as an assistant, Bartoli found immediate success in her career as a stylist. Her works spoke for her as word of mouth and testimony was how she rapidly grew her clientele.

Chloe Bartoli – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Jared Leto’s Girlfriend
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Chloe Bartoli’s clientele has since grown to include a number of Hollywood A-listers, among them are Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, Poppy Delevingne, Nicole Richie, Chrissy Teigen… the list is indeed endless. Whether it’s for a red carpet event or some few days trip, Bartoli helps her clients mix fashion pieces together, oftentimes with a fuse of vintage accessories.

Chloe Bartoli Net Worth

Chloe Bartoli has achieved above-average success as a celebrity stylist. In 2018, her skills earned her a collaboration with the famed flip-flop makers Rocket Dog, their collaborative work was titled “RD x California Girls,” and its items were sold in exclusive retail stores as well as on the Rocket Dog website.

In addition to the proceeds from the collaboration, Chloe Bartoli also mints from her very own fashion line. She is the founder of Re/Done which of course, was a team effort with her twin sister. The Bartoli sister’s label is not like any other brand out there, it distinguishes itself in the sense that it is denim-focused. The sisters revamp old denim, transforming them into modern and trendy pieces with a touch of class. All of these efforts and more have contributed to giving Chloe Bartoli a net worth of half a million dollars ($500,000).

Other Facts About Jared Leto’s Girlfriend

Relationship with Scott Disick

When Bartoli was photographed having a good time with Disick in Monte Carlo in 2015, it wasn’t their first time together. Disick, also a fashion lover, had been friends with Bartoli since 2006 and when they were spotted in 2015, they were not dating.

However, the two had a romantic relationship in the past. Disick would later date Bartoli’s best friend Sophie Richie in 2017, something that introduced bad blood between Bartoli and Richie for some time.

How She Met Jared Leto

It was her skills with clothes that brought Jared Leto her way, Chole Bartoli styled Jared Leto for many years, became friends with him, before beginning a romantic relationship. Their relationship was off before she surfaced in the limelight in 2015, however, sometime in 2018, the two were said to have rekindled their romance.