Chris Brown Mom Brother Parents

Chris Brown is one of the most influential musicians of the 21st century. Fans all over the world love his music; crowds marvel at his sweet and unique voice, and masses are amazed at his lively dance moves. Away from the limelight however, Chris has a family that he cares about, and they too show as much concern for their celebrity son and brother.

Any celebrity will tell you that being the center of attention is not as easy as people make it out to be: if you make a mistake, the media and the entire world are all set to blow it out of proportion and this can be traumatic for anyone, but more so for celebrities. That is why family is so important: they are the people who are willing to take you in when no one else wants to; the ones you can share your unfiltered sentiments with without the fear of being judged.

Chris Brown was born in the small town of Tappahannock, Virginia, in the United States of America, on 5th of May 1989. Brown already has a lot to show for the more than 2 decades he’s spent on planet earth. His birth name is Christopher Maurice Brown, although he is mostly known by the name Chris. Other nicknames include Breezy and CB.

As a child, Chris was the total package; he had both the looks and unequaled musical talent. In fact, he started singing at a very tender age, and his talent of dancing was quite as evident as that of singing. Many people have likened him to the legendary singer Michael Jackson, who was both amazing with his vocals and dance moves. As a young boy, Chris Brown actually drew inspiration from Michael Jackson, whom he named as the musician who influenced him the most to join the music industry. As a teenager, Chris dropped out of Essex High School to pursue a career in music in New York.

Chris Brown’s Mother

Chris was the last born son to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. His mother is a retired director of a day care center. They lived in a modest house in Tappahannock. Chris’s mother was a staunch Christian, and Chris still recalls how often they frequented church. Although he may not be the strongest Christian alive, Chris still confesses to be a Christian. It looks like his mother’s firm grounding of her children in religion did not go to waste after all.

Chris Brown’s Brother

People have for long wondered whether Chris Brown is related to basketball player Shannon Brown, because when they bear a certain resemblance to each other and they share a last name, but it has been ascertained that they are not related. In fact, Chris has no known brothers; his only sibling is his elder sister, Lytrell Bundy, who works in a bank. Chris also has a close relationship with his sister; the kind of sibling bond that many envy.

Chris Brown Parents

Chris father, Clinton Brown was a corrections officer at a prison in Virginia. However, Chris’s childhood was not all rosy; the opposite is quite true. At the tender age of 6, he went through the tragedy of enduring excruciating pain as a result of his parent’s divorce. Things got worse when his mother remarried a man who would turn out to be a perpetrator of domestic violence. What Chris had to endure during those times mortified him, and perhaps, contributed heavily to the violent behavior that Chris occasionally exhibits.

The most memorable time when Chris got particularly rough was when he beat in 2009, when she was his girlfriend. The couple had had an argument, which culminated in Chris hitting Rihanna, and she sustained heavy wounds that led to her being hospitalized.

When this occurrence was publicized by media, Chris was viciously attacked. It was a tough time for him. In spite of his remorse for what he had done, the world was very unforgiving. During this time, he was lucky to have his mother’s back to lean on. It was to his mother that he went first after he committed the crime, and throughout the entire legal process, his mother was right there for him. And so was his father. Chris maintains a very close relationship with his dad, and his father is proud of his son’s great achievements just as he is willing to support him through the tough times.


Chris Brown has a supportive family, and that is certainly one of his biggest blessings. Nothing comes before family, and Chris seems to understand the importance of this statement seeing how much he treasures his family.