Chris Pang – Biography, Height, Weight, Parents, is He Married?

Chris Pang belongs to the group of actors who accidentally stumbled onto an acting career as they were going about their daily lives. As the story goes, Pang had no intention of becoming an actor, however, things turned out for the good after he incidentally came across a casting agency who was seriously looking for a performer to carry out a Chinese accent-voice over. He immediately indicated interest in the role and that was how he went ahead to build a career that has gone from height to height.


Chris Pang was welcomed into the world on the 29th day of December 1984, in the Australian city of Melbourne, by Chinese immigrant parents. The Chinese-Australian actor, who is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, majored in multimedia studies at an unknown university, however, after spending some time in the institution, he decided to start up a phone business because he was unsatisfied with his studies. He would later go ahead to take a year off to sell cellphones to businesses, after which he launched his acting career.

The now Los Angeles-based actor and producer started his career in 2008. His first on-screen role was a voiceover gig in the film, New Police Story 4, which featured veteran actor . After he completed the project, Pang decided to temporarily move to Hong Kong and then Beijing in order to chase his new found career. After struggling for a while to score a major role, his big break came in the year 2010, when he earned a leading role in the film adaptation of the young adult dystopian novel titled “Tomorrow, When the War Began”, wherein he appeared opposite fellow Australian, . The movie was a huge success but his career was still not able to move to the heights he had hoped.

A year later, Chris Pang starred in the feature film Citizen Jia Li (2011) but that did not do much to give his career a boost. This and many other factors contributed to him moving to the United States in 2013 to try his hand in Hollywood, where he felt he could hone his skills and build his budding acting career.

In Hollywood, he came to meet a lot of people and got the opportunity to play a role in I, Frankenstein with Caitlin Stasey. He also starred in the American-Chinese martial art film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny and landed a recurring role in season two of Marco Polo in 2016.

In 2018, Pang produced his first feature film Empty by Design, where had a role and even shared screen time with Filipino actress Rhian Ramos and Canadian martial artist/actor . This was after he had featured in the highly rated Warner Bros. film, Crazy Rich Asians, which featured and and was directed by Jon M. Chu.

Is Chris Pang Married?

There are no reports anywhere that suggest that Chris Pang is actually married. Furthermore, the actor appears to not even be in a relationship as he has not publicly acknowledged any girl as his girlfriend. With that, we can probably say that the actor is very much single and focused on building a career rather than getting married.


Chris Pang is the son of Wing Chun instructors, Anne Pang (mother) and Barry Pang (father). As mentioned earlier, he is of Chinese descent. His paternal grandparents, whose names are not publicly known, are natives of Canton, China who migrated to Australia, where they bore and raised his father. His mother, on the other hand, is also of Chinese descent but was born in Taiwan before later migrating to Australia, where she met and married her husband.

Through his father, Pang is a distant relative of legendary actor  whose dad was said to be cousins with his paternal grandmother and also from the same village in Canton. Through his mother’s side, the actor belongs to the lineage of the Chinese revolutionary leader, Christian reformer, and humanitarian, Wong Nai Siong.

Height and Weight

Chris Pang is definitely not the tallest man you would come across, as he stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, which is the same as 1.8 meters. He is further said to weigh about 66 kilograms, which is about 145 pounds.

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