Christian Collins – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Facts

Christian Collins metamorphosed from an ordinary kid on the block to an internet personality just at the age of eleven. This was made possible by his love for the camera, with which he created epic videos and songs for his listening pleasure. Mesmerized with the beauty of his craft, Collins immediately created a YouTube channel with the support of his family.

His popularity began to rocket after some of his videos went viral on the internet. Today, the young YouTuber has grown beyond making only videos to doing music covers, beatboxing, playing piano, drums, and other arts. Learn more about him in this article.

Christian Collins – Bio (Age)

Christian Collins is a multi-talented star who has won many hearts as a singer, beatboxer, drummer, and YouTuber. His parents gave birth to him in Canada, on the 18th day of April 18, 1996.

The YouTuber was raised in his hometown along with his siblings. However, not much is known about his childhood, family history, where he received his formal education, and when exactly he graduated from high school.

Christian Collins found fame at quite a young age. His natural flair for entertainment was actually the force that drove him to start looking for innovative ways to make people happy and excited. Unlike most of his contemporaries, the YouTuber is known for his positive message, creativity, and excellence in all ramifications.

The Canadian star began his journey to greatness on the social media platform, Vine. His channel on the site (WeeklyChris) is said to have raked in about one million followers barely two months after it was created, a feat many considered as a great achievement.

His career on YouTube began sometime in the year 2010 when he created his channel, where he uploads his contents and other skits. The channel currently boasts numerous videos, millions of subscribers, and views as well.

On several occasions, Christian Collins has collaborated with his siblings, especially his sister, Karen Collins and brother, Crawford. A couple of years ago, his siblings started up a Vine Channel which amassed over 750,000 followers in just five months.

Sometime in 2012, Christian released a hip-hop single titled Don’t Let Go. The hit also featured his sister Karen who is into Pop. The two also did another song together, it was titled One and was released in the year 2014.

Family Facts

Christian Collins is the son of John Collins and Stacey Collins. He has three siblings whose names are Crawford Collins, Karen Collins, and .

Born on June 21, 2000, Karisma is an Internet sensation as well. She is very active on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Her Facebook account has about 251 thousand followers while her Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts have over 56,000, 239,000, and 87,000 followers respectively. Karisma has severally collaborated with notable sensations, including her siblings. Some time ago, she appeared in Christian’s vine video titled How Well Do You Know Me? (With my sister).

Crawford is not left out in his family’s online business. He has a massive following on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Born on April 15, 1997, he is popularly for his 2014 debut Vine video, How I feel when my phone dies, through which he earned public attention. He regularly bands together with his brother, Christian Collins and has joined forces with the likes of Jake Foushee and Brent Rivera.

Kristen Collins is Christian’s elder sister. She was born on 27th March 1994 and has been making waves in the entertainment industry. She is an actress, singer-songwriter, and YouTube celebrity. Touted as one of the most promising singers in the Canadian industry, she has recorded impressive successes in her career. At the age of ten, she emerged the winner of the Miss Teen Calgary – World in 2012 and the Calgary Junior Idol. Kristen has a slew of singles, film credits, and collaborations with popular artists under her belt.

Net Worth

Most celebrities are known for their flamboyant lifestyle and quest for the spotlight. But in the case of Christian Collins, the opposite is the case. He may not be the richest internet celebrity in the world but he sure makes an impressive income. Currently, his net worth and salary are yet to be calculated.


Christian Collins stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and has a body mass of 72 kilograms. The YouTuber’s waist, arms, and chest are measured to be 32-13-38 inches respectively. Christian’s other physical features include a set of green eyes and dark brown hair.

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