Christina Broccolini- Biography, Net Worth, Family and Other Facts

Christina Broccolini is an actress whose role in the documentary TV series, “Mystery Hunters” brought into the limelight in the year 2002. In the years that followed, she has featured in movies like “What Happens Next” (2011), “The Perfect Teacher” (2010), and “Expatriate” (2010) amongst others. More than just being an actress, the Canadian has also dabbled into production.

Christina Broccolini Biography

The actress was born Christina Carmen Dominica on the 9th of March 1985 in West Island, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is the middle child of three children.

Christina has always been interested in acting since she was a child. Finally, she made her debut as a TV actress on Discovery Kids TV show “Mystery Hunters” in 2002. So she was basically acting and attending high school. She made a guest appearance on the comedy series “Fries with That?” (2004) portraying a foreign exchanged student that gets romantically involved with Ben and Alex.

After high school, she decided to invest in her acting skills, as such, she went to Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater from 2005-2007.

Along the line, Christina developed an interest in producing movies. Consequent to this, she used the platform Kickstarter to reach her movie funding goals for her first production work, “Face Divided”.

Acting Career

Christina has strived to create a name for herself in the movie industry. Although she has acted in some movies that didn’t make great box office success, her acting skills have always been commended. Moreover, she became really popular after being cast alongside Araya Mengesha in the documentary television series “Mystery Hunters” (2002-2006).

The show became a hit especially with teenagers who loved the idea of doing things that are dangerous. Araya and Chistina investigated real-life reports of different kinds including mysteries, monsters, spirit, dinosaurs and other myths or legendary creatures.

The show went ahead to demystify certain inquiries the viewers send in by the explanation of a scientist ‘Doubting Dave’ that was played by David Acer. It aired originally from 2002-2013 and earned different nominations and awards. They include 8 Gemini Award nominations and a Parents Choice Award. It ran for 4 seasons with 78 episodes in all. The show continues to air re-runs despite having stopped filming.

Christina went ahead to feature in “Blue Mountain State” (2010), a TV show set in a fictional university with the same name. The show basically highlights the different aspects of a typical American University life. It garnered lots of followers over the years but stopped filming after the third season.

Her first self produced movie is “Face Divided” in the year 2011. The story is about a 21-year-old woman who got thrust into motherhood early and longed to return to her carefree days.

The story was written by Edward Allan Baker and directed by Adriano Valentini. The movie also featured Carmine DiBenedetto and Ellen David.

Christina has featured in movies like “Street Lure” (2009), “Assassin’s Creed” (2011), “Duo” (2010), “You are so Undead” (2010), “Enamour” (2010), “The Bartender” (2010), “Street Lure” (2009) amongst others.

In 2013, the actress won the “Outstanding Female Performance” of ACTRA Montreal Award.

Her Family

Christina Broccolini has chosen to keep details about her family and life off any form of social media. She leads a private life and tries to keep family matters private. This might be one of the reasons she has not been involved in any form of scandal, and it is hard to know if she is in a relationship.

In February 2016, her sister shared some pictures of their family members with Christina in a wedding gown on facebook. This sparked lots of speculations on social media with people wondering if she was really married.

Although Christina herself never commented on this, from all indications, it seems she married Todd Broccolini in a very intimate ceremony with close family and limited guests in attendance.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Chistina has had an interesting and lucrative career which is far from over. She makes money from acting, producing, and also hosting television shows. As of 2018, her net worth was valued at $1 million.

Other Facts About The Canadian Actress

1. On Kickstarter, she raised over $8,000 which she used in finishing the first film she produced. She used it for things like editing the film, sound editing, and much more.

2. She has also produced other short films such as “The Bartender” and “The Under-Ager”, both in 2010.

3. When it comes to her height, she stands at 5 feet 7 inches; it is also believed that Christina Broccolini’s body weight is 58 kg.

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