Christine Marinoni – 5 Facts About Cynthia Nixon’s Wife

Christine Marinoni – 5 Facts About Cynthia Nixon’s Wife

She may have a lot of things going on for her but Christine Marinoni is most known for her relationship with Cynthia Nixon, the American actress who portrayed Miranda Hobbes in the HBO series we all liked – Sex and the City. For a long time, many people have known Cynthia Nixon as an actress. Likewise, it is known on several quarters that she is also an activist but it is only recently that a good number of people got to meet her as a politician.

This is hardly a surprise as it was only on the 19th of March 2018 that she announced her intent to vie for the year’s New York gubernatorial election, even though she has always been known for her political activism. Anyway, it wasn’t a successful outing for her but this exposed her to more scrutiny, most of which was directed at the love of her life, Christine.

Bio – Who Is Christine Marinoni?

Anyone who cares to know will easily find that Cynthia Nixon was born in New York City on the 9th of April 1996; details of her family background and early life are readily available for anyone who wants to check them up. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Christine Marinoni, the woman she married in 2012. Things like her upbringing, relatives, and even her age have been left to speculations. Christine has been a very private person but it is no secret that she has been an activist for a long time like her actress wife.

From what we have been able to gather, her parents were teachers and this would come to rub off on her. More than just being Cynthia Nixon’s wife, she is popular for her works related to education and LGBT advocacy. It is said that Christine was one of those who facilitated the founding of The Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) in New York. Among other things, the establishment is out to ensure a high-quality education for all students in the state. Interestingly, Cynthia Nixon was once a spokeswoman for the group and that was how the couple met.

In addition to the above, we know she served New York City as a senior adviser for community partnerships. Before all these, she ran a lesbian coffee shop/bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. By virtue of being notoriously private, the following are facts you should know about her that you probably didn’t know.

Facts About Cynthia Nixon’s Wife

1. Christine Isn’t Cynthia Nixon’s First Love

Yea, the actress had to end her relationship with Danny Mozes, a school teacher before she started seeing Christine Marinoni. Records have it that Cynthia and Danny were together from 1988 to 2003. The next year, Christine became her new lover, they got engaged sometime in April 2009 and ultimately became life partners on May 27, 2012.

Christine Marinoni – 5 Facts About Cynthia Nixon’s Wife
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2. She Had a Hard Time Having Her Own Child With Cynthia 

Christine Marinoni and Cynthia Nixon were parents to the two kids (Samuel Joseph Mozes and Charles Ezekiel Mozes) that the latter had from her previous relationship with Danny. They decided to have their third child but Marinoni suffered several miscarriages. Fate was kind to her the sixth time and she gave birth to Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni in 2011.

3. She’s More of The Wife In Their Marriage

Christine wouldn’t disagree with this. In fact, she once expressed this, explaining that she has taken more time away from her endeavors to stay at home with the kids. Adding that Cynthia has done more of the public things, Marinoni hinted that she is very happy with the way things are. According to her, there was a time she couldn’t see the possibility of her being happily married with kids.

4. Marinoni Studied Economic Development

Christine Marinoni attended Columbia University where she studied economic development hoping that she would get to work in international affairs. But as fate would have it, she embraced advocacy for better education. This may have been as a result of her parents’ influence on her. Her mom served as the president of the teachers union several times whereas her dad was a professor.

5. She Was Brought Up In Bainbridge Island

Even as she’s now a New Yorker in every sense, she hasn’t always been part of the city as she only moved there in the early 1990s. Christine Marinoni spent the earliest years of her life in Bainbridge Island, a small city located in western Washington.

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