Chuando Tan – Biography and Family Life of Singaporean Instagram Star

Chuando Tan – Biography and Family Life of Singaporean Instagram Star

Chuando Tan may have not had the motive of growing into an internet sensation, but his fascinating and captivating photos took him to a high pedestal in the social media space. Indeed, the words Captivating and Fascinating are used with specific regards to his youthful looks despite his much older age. Professionally, he is a photographer and a model; titles he has fully lived up to over the years. Tan who hails from Singapore has worked with various top-notch brands as a model and with lots of notable celebrities as a photographer. There is so much to know about the Singaporean Instagram star. Find out more about him as you scroll through this post.

Chuando Tan Biography

He was born on March 3, 1966, in Singapore. Chuando Tan attended Nanyang Primary School after which he proceeded to Pei Dao Secondary school. With the desire for the creative arts burning inside of him, Tan took up graphic design at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a diploma in the course. With his enchanting and electrifying looks, there was no escaping the showbiz field for him.

Tan soon got involved in modeling in the 80s and became the best model there was around. Signed with Carrie’s modeling agency, he worked with various fashion brands including Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, and many others. He also did a lot of advert campaigns for brands like Club 21, and Tangs, among others.

During the mid-90s he switched to photography, although he didn’t throw in the towel completely on modeling. Many had thought he won’t go far as a photographer, but Chundo Tan’s works spoke volumes and he soon became a popular fashion and celebrity photographer.

He further established a modeling agency, ‘Ave’ in 1997 upon the realization that he wanted more out of his career. With Ave, he tried different things and gradually carved a niche for himself. Interestingly, he opted for the young and thin-looking models; a concept totally different from the full-bodied looks other agencies were used to at the time. Some of his models making waves in the industry include Polish model Marek Olszewski, Singaporeans Chew and Wee, and lots of others.

The 2000s came with even greater things for Tan. He got involved with photographer Frey Ow in 2006 and formed a formidable group taking over Asia as the best photographers. The two were famous for a lot of projects which included photography direction of music videos for celebrities. Chuando and Frey worked together to cover an album ‘Discipline’ for popular singer Janet Jackson.

Chuando Tan – Biography and Family Life of Singaporean Instagram Star
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During this time he had not explored the social space as it was still evolving. But Chuando Tan evolved with time; like many photographers, he joined Instagram in the year 2015. As a way of growing his business, he started by posting shots from his projects. These were soon accompanied by his own personal photos; this was how his career flourished even more. Tan’s strapping and well-built athletic body drew lots of attention from followers and the media alike.

It was not only about his body, it was the incredible fact that he was hitting the age of fifty but looked twenty in his photos. More so, it was not about filters or enhancers, Tan indeed looked and still looks youthful despite his advanced age.

This heightened his status with more followers on his Instagram account, establishing him as one of the prominent Instagram stars around. He also became everyone’s favorite in the contemporary business world; as lots of people and brands also picked interest in him. Tan today has millions of followers on his Instagram handle. With Ave and his other endeavors, it has indeed been an interesting journey for the photographer, model, and Instagram star.

Family Life of the Singaporean Instagram Star

Chuando Tan is the son of Tan Tee Chie, his father. His mother is late and not much is known about her. It may have been a matter of heredity for the star whose father was also notable in graphics. Of Hainanese ethnicity, Tan Tee is a renowned painter and Chinese ink artist. Nowadays he teaches at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Chuando Tan grew up in Toa Payoh with his father and two older siblings; Dan Nian his sister and Chuan Da his brother. Chuan Da is based in New York and works as a design director, while his sister is a managing director at Ave.