Claire Robinson – Biography, Husband And Married Life Of The TV Host

Claire Robinson – Biography, Husband And Married Life Of The TV Host

Claire Robinson is a multi-talented American television personality, author, and chef currently associated with the Food Network. She rose to the mainstream following her remarkable performances as the host of the network’s show, 5 Ingredient Fix. Asides from the show, the media star has equally published two best-selling cookery books. Claire has won the heart of her many fans with her apt skills and creativity stemming from her multiethnic background. Meanwhile, she has been the host of Food Network’s show called Food Network Challenge since 2010. Learn more about the American chef and media star below.

Claire Robinson – Biography

Claire Robinson first came into this world on the 1st day of January 1978 and her birth took place in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States. She was born into a middle-class American family and was raised alongside her brother. While the names of her parents are currently not known, it’s already known that her family moved around a lot before they finally settled in Memphis, Tennessee. She is an American by nationality and belongs to mixed ethnic background.

After she completed her basic education, Claire Robinson proceeded to the University of Memphis where she acquired a degree in communications in 1999. Thereafter, she relocated to New York City where she enrolled at the French Culinary Institute. While there, Claire worked at Maggie’s Pharm where she learned to use exotic herbs and spices to prepare tasty meals.

Professional Career

Prior to her stint at the French Culinary Institute, Claire Robinson kicked off her career; working behind the scenes as part of the production team at WREG-TV, an affiliate of CBS network in Memphis. While doing that, she also spent a few years working at WMC-FM Radio Network. From there she proceeded to Tiger Sports Properties where she worked as a marketing executive for the University of Memphis’ athletic department.

Although she was enjoying her job at the time; Robinson was not getting as much satisfaction as she does while cooking. It was as a result of her undeniable passion for cooking that made her relocate to New York City. There, she got a degree from the French Culinary Institute. When she left the institute in 2005, Claire Robinson worked as a member of culinary production teams for several cooking shows. Her noteworthy appearances include Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello, a Food Network show and Every Baking for Everyday Food which aired on PBS.

Claire Robinson – Biography, Husband And Married Life Of The TV Host
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Having established herself as a chef, Claire Robinson decided to take a step further in her career. In 2010, she joined the Food Network where she started hosting their long-running food show called Food Network Challenge. She also anchored other Food Network shows such as 5 Ingredients Fix and Quest for the Fresh, among others.

The outstanding TV host has never ceased to use any opportunity to wow her fans with her carefully selected recipes and unique cooking style. She has cited her grandmother as a major influence on her love for cooking. In recent times, Claire Robinson worked as a co-anchor of the BBC America’s show Chef Race: UK vs. the US along with Richard Corrigan.

Asides from food, Claire also has an interest in other sports activities including boxing, waterskiing, and skydiving, among others.

Husband And Married Life Of The TV Host

Claire Robinson has become incredibly successful in her career and this has stirred lots of curiosity amongst her many fans. Although she has been tight-lipped on her personal life, it is already known that she is a happily married woman. Claire tied the conjugal knot with her long-term boyfriend named Bailey Robinson.

Due to the secretive nature of Robinson’s relationship with Bailey, there are no details on when and how they met each other. However, sources have it that the pair was in a long-term relationship before they finally tied the knot. Their wedding took place at Northern Hills Community Church in November 2011.

Just recently, speculations began to fly around that the couple has gone their separate ways. However, neither of these two has ever confirmed these rumors and the true state of their relationship cannot be ascertained at the moment. Meanwhile, the couple doesn’t have kids yet. Robinson currently resides in New York City along with their dog named Newman.