‘Claws’ Cast – Popular Actors And Actresses Who Made Us Love The TNT Show 

When it first started in 2016 as a show on HBO, Claws did not enjoy the best of runs and so by the Next June after it began, the show moved to TBT where it would enjoy so much success and great following. The comedy-drama follows the lives of 5 female manicurists at a nail salon in Florida. It highlights how they get embroiled in the world of organized crime and how they work their way into controlling their own underground criminal empire. Here are Claws cast members that have made us love the show.

Main Claws Cast Members

1. Niecy Nash

plays the lead role of Desma Simms in the show; she’s the owner of a nail salon and helps to launder money from the sale of drugs for the Husser family. Desma desires to get out of the drug trade which she only engages in to raise money to buy her dream nail shop.

For her sterling performance on the show, she won the Satellite Award for Best Actress – Television series for her portrayal of Desna and has received several other award nominations as well.

2. Carrie Preston

She stars as Polly Marks on the show – a fiercely loyal friend of Desna and colleague, who has had her own past being on the wrong side of the law and had to be put under surveillance for her parole. Carrie Preston an integral part of Desna’s underground criminal empire, and she also helps manage her business.

3. Judy Reyes

brought the character of Annalise Zayas, also known as “Quiet Ann” to life on the show. Quiet Ann is Desna’s friend and enforcer, as well as the saloon’s doorman and lookout. She once went to prison for an attempt to murder her husband, and when she came out she became openly lesbian and she always has Desna’s back at all times.

4. Karrueche Tran

Another important Claws cast member, played the role of Virginia Loc on the show. She was a former stripper who worked at a strip club owned by “Uncle Daddy” Husser; she was “planted” at the Nail Artisan’s saloon by Roller Husser (Desna’s lover) while also doubling as his side chick. Her desire to become one of Desna’s crew pushed her to shoot Roller, while he attacked Desna.

5. Jenn Lyon

Jenny plays the role of Jennifer Husser – wife of Bryce Husser, daughter-in-law of Clay Husser and Desna’s oldest and most trusted friend. Her husband, Bryce is called upon by Clay Husser to run their pill Clinic, but she vehemently objects to his involvement with criminal activities, especially since he’s just recovering from drug addiction.

6. Jack Kesy

stars as Dwayne “Roller” Husser – Desna’s boyfriend and boss in crime on the show. He is also “Uncle Daddy’s” nephew and runs his criminal organization. A misunderstanding over money threatened to end his relationship with Desna, and when he retaliated and attacked her, he was shot by Virginia. He later reappears on the show and helped Desna establish her own criminal empire.

7. Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin stars as Bryce Husser – older brother of Roller on the show. After Roller’s disappearance/death at the beginning of the show, Bryce was entrapped by Uncle Daddy to take over Roller’s role in their business. Though naive when he first joined the family business, he soon led the business operations successfully. He is yet another interesting Claws cast member.

8. Dean Norris

Dean plays the role of Clay “Uncle Daddy” Husser – the ruthless patriarch of the Husser Criminal empire. The award-winning actor’s portrayal of his character in the series is one of the reasons why so many fans love the show.

9. Jason Antoon

Jason plays the role of Ken Brickman – an emotionally unstable medical doctor, who runs one of the pill mills hospitals for Uncle Daddy, on the show. Brickman was also a police informant on the show and brought a lot of intrigues to show.

10. Harold Perrineau

plays the role of Dean Simms – the intelligent, but autistic junior brother of Desna. When Dean learns of the death of Roller, he took up bodybuilding in order to protect his sister.

11. Suleka Mathew

Suleka Mathew is Arlene Branch on the show. She is Quiet Ann’s girlfriend but hides her true identity as an undercover cop from her. When Quiet Ann finds out who she really was, she dumped her for good.

12. Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy features as Gregory Ruval – head of the Haitian mafia and Desna’s lover on Claws. He was killed by Desna on their wedding night when she discovered that he wanted her dead as well.

Other Claws Cast Members

There are a few other Claws cast members such as Dale Dickey, Andrea Sooch, and several other recurrent or guest actors and actresses on the show, who contribute their own quota to make the show the success that it is today.

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