Colleen Wolfe Husband, Family, Wiki, Bio, Height, Measurements

Colleen Wolfe Husband, Family, Wiki, Bio, Height, Measurements

Not everybody has the physical capabilities to be a sportsman or sportswoman but what is sports without reporters like Colleen Wolfe giving viewers the juicy details about what happens on the pitch?

Colleen Wolfe Bio, Wiki

Born on January 3, 1985, in Philadelphia U.S.A, Wolfe is a graduate of Drexel University with a degree in Corporate Communications and is said to have been an outstanding student right from her childhood days. Her media career started when she began reporting for a home-based sports radio station called WIP where she was being assigned mainly morning shows and was able to improve her abilities in editing, producing being a shooter, and an analyst. One of her assignments at the local station involved her working with a team that was designated to rally with speakers and microphones to demand earnings due to being held by Terrell Owens as a result of some contract misunderstanding. She later moved to CN8 as an anchor and to Comcast SportsNet Organizations where she became both an on-air-personality and a producer as well as with FOX 29 in Philadelphia as a sports reporter in 2012. Wolfe has worked as a producer in charge of a program titled Phil’s postgame for PHL17 and also on the Golf Show that was being aired on the CSN channel. The Anchor’s career had a huge turnaround when she landed a job with the National Football League network as a host and is rated as one of the best presenters and anchors in her generation. There have also been speculations over the years that she might go into movie production and become an actress in the Hollywood industry.


The anchor was born to a father who is said to be a Flight Instructor while her mother was a housewife. Wolfe’s family resided in the outer sides of Philadelphia. However, her parents later divorced and this prompted the mum to start working. No further details are available about their names but for nationality, one can say they are Americans. Wolfe is said to have a close bond with her father when she was growing up which sparked up the interest to become a pilot but fate took her in an opposite direction in which she is succeeding tremendously.

Who is Colleen Wolfe’s Husband?

Wolfe has been in a long time relationship which started in 2006  with boyfriend John Gonzalez who is a sports presenter for the Inquirer Sports Person that presents the 97.5 talk show. The two officially tied the knot in May 2010 and have been happily married with no rumors of divorce or any controversies. Being in the same career has also made the pair a power couple in the broadcasting world, especially in sports.

Colleen Wolfe Husband, Family, Wiki, Bio, Height, Measurements
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The couple doesn’t have any children yet but Wolfe being an animal lover is said to have two pets a dog called Blitzen and a cat called Ernest Hemingway which she loves immensely.

Net Worth

Being an NFL anchor came along with a lot of benefits for the ambitious presenter which range from a wide range of publicity for her talent, an increase in her salary, and her overall net worth to over $500,000. As a strong believer in hard work and wise investments, the anchor is said to have acquired quite a number of properties over the years alongside making strategic investments although not many in-depth details have been revealed by her about her investments.

Other Interests

All work and no play definitely makes one dull hence the hardworking presenter and anchor is said to be interested in figure skating which she indulges in often. She also loves music and fishing. As a media personality, she is also very active on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where she has quite a number of followers.

Colleen Wolfe Height And Body Measurements

The anchor is not just a talent to reckon with but also a beauty to behold and all the juicy details about her height and body measurements include the following:

Height: 5 ft 9 inches or 175.26 cm

Weight: 65 kg or 143.3 pounds

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde.

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