Conan Gray – Bio, Family, Facts About The Famous YouTuber and Vlogger

The way and manner YouTubers and Vloggers like Conan Gray are becoming popular and rich, makes every young chap desire to be one. As a matter of fact, a survey carried out on 1,000 kids within the age bracket of 6 and 17 by a travel company, suggests that 75% of the kids want to either be YouTubers or Vloggers.

One of the things that endear fans to Conan Gray is the perfect mix of good looks and a sweet voice. This is why he posts more of music videos on his YouTube channel. Most of the songs he uploads are cover songs, while a few are his original pieces.  

Conan Gray Bio

Conan Gray is an American YouTuber and Vlogger, born on December 5, 1998. Though his official YouTube channel came alive in 2013, he had started making videos of himself at age 9. However, his mom did not allow him to show his face on camera until he was 11.

By his last year of middle school, it was discovered that he made videos as a side hustle. In a move to promote him, one of the teachers projected his video for everyone to see. In the early days of Vlogging, he was making just around $100 a month. Well, he didn’t have much following, though, he agreed that he was just hoping his videos connected to somebody.

Being a rising star and a freshman in college was one of the biggest challenges Conan Gray had to deal with. The demanding nature of constantly updating his YouTube and meeting up with classes was very difficult. With the help of his managers, he was able to come up with a strategy that helped him combine the two tasks efficiently.

In 2013, Conan Gray started his official YouTube channel as ‘ConanXCanon’. However, he had since changed it to his full name, Conan Gray. Though he posts more of music videos, he also posts videos on a variety of issues. In one of the videos, he talked about stuff like his clothes, favorites music and movies, house tours and even college matters.

As part of his ingenuity and creativity, he made a video of a song he wrote and performed. ‘Those Songs’, his original piece got a lot of views on YouTube. Cover songs he did include Grow, Idle Town, Lovesick Boys, The Other Side, Treehouse and a lot of other videos.

Growing up, he was taunted for not being manly enough. This inspired him to do a video titled ‘I’m a Girly Boy and I Don’t Care’. The sarcasm and authenticity of the video made it popular, as it went viral within a short time. He didn’t make a defense for his girly nature rather, he accepted that never really felt man enough and feel okay with that perception of him by people. He even goes on to show feminine tendencies on a couple of his videos – things like painting his nails.

Expressing his thoughts about becoming famous on YouTube, Conan Gray believes that a lot has changed since the days he started posting videos. He is an advocate for originality and creativity on YouTube. He captured this thought in his song, YouTube is Changing.



As interesting and beautiful as Conan Gray’s videos are, the same can’t be said about his family. He was born in San Diego, California, to a mid-class family with roots in Japan. The family had to move to Hiroshima to be with their sick grandfather. Unfortunately, the grandfather passed and they had to return to California.

Things didn’t go down well for Conan Gray’s parents as their marriage broke apart when Conan was only three years old. Conan had a sister (whose names are not known), born by his parents before their divorce.

Other Endeavors – Outside YouTube

With over 1.9 million subscribers as of 2018 and over 9 million views on his videos, he has made quite a fortune from YouTube. However, he also has another stream of income. He has an online store where he sells personally branded products. The products include T-shirts, hoodies, musical CDs, face caps, winter caps, and even canned food. All these are some of the items on his personal online retail store.

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