Corey Scherer Biography – 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

There are many merits which have been attributed to the coming of the internet and rightly so. While it has gone a long way to facilitate a smooth relationship with information, it is also the reason a lot of people have attained celebrity status. Think about it, without the net, we most likely wouldn’t know a thing about people like Lele Pons, Jake Paul, Liza Koshy, and their likes. True, Corey Scherer is far off from equalling the status of the aforementioned fellas as an internet celebrity, but he has come a long way with his popularity spanning across various social media platforms.

With millions of dedicated fans online, it is only natural that the most trivial of things do stir the interest of a lot of people about Corey. Just as you will find many wondering how tall the cyber star is, there are those striving to know the extent of his riches, details of his upbringing, the facts of his love life, and every other thing that is worth knowing about him. If you are his fan, the following contains answers to most of the questions you may have asked about the internet celebrity.

Corey Scherer’s Biography

You don’t have to speculate on Corey Scherer’s age anymore, we have been able to establish that he was born in 1995 on the 13th of September. You will easily find he was born in Nashville, Tennessee to Allan and Christy Scherer who raised him alongside his siblings – Cambrey, Courtney, and Cenzey. As details of the schools he attended are hard to come by, it has been reported in certain quarters that he and his siblings schooled at home. Although we are yet to establish the fact of this claim, we can tell that Corey has always been inclined to arts.

It is said that he started dancing when he was still a lad and that his passion for this saw him take various dancing lessons which eventually made him knowledgable in other forms of the art. Apart from hip-hop dance which he started off with, Corey has come to love breakdancing a great deal. Also a fine ballet dancer, Corey has been able to win a good number of dancing competitions over the years and, it is believed that his parents are facilitators of his accomplishments thereof. The reason for this isn’t farfetched; Allan and Christy Scherer owns and runs the Fierce Dance Studio.

Now famous as a professional choreographer and dancer, Corey Scherer serves as a guest teacher at Fierce Dance & Fitness whenever he visits his family in Florida. Disregarding this, he spares time from his busy schedule to teach dance workshops. Even though this American attained a lot as a dancer: touring the nation, serving as the opening act for big concerts, and appearing in the music videos of artist like Wiz Khalifa and Tyga; he has his activities on social media to thank for his fame.

It was Vine that he embraced as his social media platform of choice when he decided to take his talent online. He quickly gathered over 2 million fans on the platform before the short-form video-hosting app decided to close for business. Corey took his trade to YouTube thereafter and has gathered almost 1.3 million subscribers as of July 2019. The other channel, Corey and Devyn, which he created with Devyn Lundy in August 2017 has pulled in over 9 million views and almost 300 thousand subscribers.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Corey Scherer 

1. Corey Scherer is a co-founder of the Super Sega Brothers, the other founder is Shaun Hill. While Hill is known as Knuckles in the group, Corey is known as Sonic. Their YouTube channel SuperSegaBrothersHD has over 10.5k subscribers and has accumulated almost 1.3 million views.

2. What his love life was like in the past may not be known but it is no secret that he’s currently dating Devyn Lundy. How they met and became lovers is best known to them just as it is hard to tell when they started dating. Nonetheless, they’ve been having the hell of a time together. If things remain the way it is for them, they may be walking down the aisle in the nearest future.

3. There is no doubt that Corey Scherer has been earning a good income from his various endeavors. Albeit we are yet to authenticate this meaningfully, it is believed that he has accumulated $200,000 as his net worth.

4. A good-looking fellow, it is pretty obvious that Corey works hard to keep fit and maintain a fine physique. Several reports have it that he is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 75 kg.

5. Like him, his siblings are all passionate about dancing and works with Fierce Dance & Fitness. While Courtney serves as the Artistic Director of the studio, Cenzey and Cambrey respectively serve as a Teacher and Assistant Teacher.

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