Corey Taylor Wife And Kids, Height, Age, What Happened To His Neck?

Corey Taylor Wife And Kids, Height, Age, What Happened To His Neck?

Several Hollywood actors and top-notch musicians we see on the big screen today actually struggled with drugs. Although many of them sadly died from an overdose, the likes of Corey Taylor who struggled with hard substances like cocaine luckily got rehabilitated and are currently making the most of their “new life.

At age 15, while staying with his family in Waterloo, Corey was already addicted to hard drugs and had overdosed twice on cocaine. He would later move to his grandmother’s house in Des Moines, where he gradually recovered and developed a strong passion for music.

Today, he occupies a prestigious position in the entertainment world, having developed himself in several fields. Most people only know Taylor as the lead vocalist and lyricist of America’s favorite bands – Slipknot and Stone Sour – but we have so much to tell you about the superstar. Just read on!

Corey Taylor – Biography, Age

The popular American musician was born Corey Todd Taylor on December 8, 1973, in Des Moines, Iowa. He was raised in a multiracial family together with his sister. Corey is of Irish and Dutch ancestry from his mother’s side and of German and Native American ancestry on his father’s side.

The musician and his sister were raised single-handedly by their mother in Waterloo, Iowa. He first met his father when he turned 30 and has since developed a relationship with him, although they hardly meet each other.

At the moment, information on Corey Taylor’s educational qualifications and the institutions of learning he attended are unavailable.

His wife and kids

The Slipknot frontman is currently married to Stephaine Luby. The musical couple got married in Las Vegas, inside the Palms Hotel’s Pearl concert theatre, in November 2009, in the presence of their families, friends, and loved ones.

Prior to their marriage, Taylor was formerly married to actress Scarlett Stone whom he dated for six years. Their marriage took place at the Botanical center in Des Moines, Iowa, on March 11, 2004, two years after Scarlett gave birth to their son, Griffin Parker.

Scarlett and Corey divorced in 2007. They had claimed in 2008 that they decided to go their separate ways after realizing that they had damaged each other too much. In addition to Griffin, Corey Taylor also has a daughter called Angeline, who came from an earlier relationship.

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At the moment, it is difficult to tell if Luby and the musician are still legally together as husband and wife. From what we gathered, it appears Taylor is in a relationship with someone else. More so, his announcement on Twitter on December 28, 2017, that he had not been with his wife for 10 months and had begun dating is another major reason to believe he is no longer an item with his wife.

Born on ‎November 14, 1976, Stephaine Luby are a model and a designer. She got married to the lead vocalist at the age of 33 but their union did not produce any child as at the time her husband announced that he is dating someone else. Luby’s height‎ is 5 feet 7 inches while her birth sign‎ is ‎Scorpio.

The singer’s rumored girlfriend is none other than professional dancer Alicia Dove, the founder of the Cherry Bombs, an all-girl professional dance group that recently went on tour with Corey’s band Stone Sour.

Although Taylor and Dove’s relationship has been making the rounds online for some time, the singer and his younger sweetheart are yet to publicly respond to the rumor.

Height – how tall is Corey Taylor?

The American music star is 1.7 meters tall, which is 5 feet 7 inches. He weighs 65 kg or 143 pounds and is blessed with light brown hair and blue eyes.

What happened to his neck?

Corey is best known for doing so many ‘crazy’ things on stage. This could have led to his injury on set during one of his performances which resulted in him breaking his neck without realizing it.

He only came to know about the injury after he was diagnosed by a team of doctors who found out that he needed immediate surgery due to the severity of the issue. The spinal surgery led to his band, Slipknot, canceling the first two weeks of their summer tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men.

Corey Taylor Wife And Kids, Height, Age, What Happened To His Neck?
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Corey has been with Slipknot since 1997. He joined the band as a replacement for their original lead vocalist. The American author, musician, singer, songwriter, and actor has also released five studio albums with the Des Moines-based band.

In addition to singing, Taylor plays the guitar, bass piano, keyboards, and percussion. He is also a member of the Stone Sour band, which he formed in 1992.