Corie Rayvon – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The YouTube Vlogger

Where it concerns Youtube stars and when they started their media careers, Corie Rayvon started hers on the wrong side of the average starting age in the industry. Regardless, she has been able to garner considerable success with her Youtube endeavors. However, the social media personality is more than just a Youtuber; she also has an even bigger following on Instagram as a model.

Rayvon is known for uploading content from different niches on her channel. She has posted health and beauty hacks, prank videos, challenges, reaction videos and more. She has also collaborated with other names like and , although not with the same level of success she recorded with her personal channel. Here is everything we could find out about the Instagram model and Youtuber.

Corie Rayvon’s Bio and Age

She was born Corey Rayvon Smith in Houston, Texas, on July 2, 1996. For her education, Rayvon attended Pearland High School in Texas. On the year she was supposed to be done with high school, she graduated six months before others in her class. Shortly after her time in junior high, she developed a keen interest in beauty and makeup. She always wanted to strut around wearing a full face of makeup. This interest remained past high school. During her prom, she asked her sister to do her makeup and she came up with a result that Corie liked very much.

Corie has had a few dreams in the past. As a little girl, one of them was the dream of practicing in the medical profession, either as a pediatrician or as a veterinary doctor. As a result of this dream, she enrolled in a nursing school in 2015.

In the same year, however, her plans changed. Corie Rayvon relocated to Los Angeles armed with a resolve to make it as a model and an actress. She eventually decided to try pursuing a career as a social media personality. Through her relationship with the budding singer and social media figure Jilly Anais, Corie was inspired to try Youtube. Her first stab at it saw her collaborate with Jilly to launch their first Youtube channel. The channel was named ‘Bestfriend Diaries’ and it was launched on January 9, 2016. They positioned the endeavor as a multi-niche platform where they posted different kinds of videos from fashion and beauty to pranks and challenges. The channel wasn’t really successful as they had hoped. As of June 2019, the channel has only 5 videos and has garnered only about 344,000 total views and just over 13,000 subscribers.

Five months after the launch of ‘Bestfriend Diaries’, Corie Rayvon struck out on her own with the launch of her first solo eponymously titled Youtube channel. With this venture, she found much more success. She uploaded her debut video on the channel a week after its creation. It was titled ‘My Curly Hair Tutorial’. Like her previous channel, she subsequently branched out and started to include videos outside the beauty and fashion niche. The social media personality is easy on the eyes and this has definitely contributed to the growth of her YouTube fan base. As of June 2019, her channel has collected over 560,000 subscribers and recorded over 22 million videos across 128 videos.

Corie Rayvon also has a sizeable Instagram following where she has amassed over 750,000 followers as of June 2019.

The Youtube Vlogger’s Family, Boyfriend

Besides information available about her high school and the fact that she was brought up in Texas, there is nothing else that is known about her early life or the identity of her family members. And by all indications, it seems that the Youtube star prefers to keep it that way.

Corie Rayvon has dated and had her own share of heartbreak. At one point, the Youtuber used to be an item with Khalil Underwood. Her boyfriend Khalil, like her, is an internet star, and an artist cum comedian. It is not clear when they started dating, however.

When Corie became bored with creating prank and challenge videos and wanted something more like a vlog, she turned again to doing collaborations. This time it was with her then-boyfriend, Khalil. They launched the Youtube channel ‘Khalil And Corie’ on October 18, 2017. The channel never had the chance to really take off as the couple split shortly after its creation. However, they reconciled sometime in 2018 and have continued to work together ever since although just as friends. Most of the videos they’ve shot together since their reconciliation have been uploaded on Khalil’s personal channel and not on ‘Khalil And Corie’. Rayvon and her ex-boyfriend are also talking about creating a gaming channel.

Facts About Corie Rayvon

Corie Rayvon has a huge place in her heart for pets, especially dogs. While together with Khalil, they owned a Pomeranian which they named Koby.

Her biggest inspirations include artists like , , and .

The Youtuber loves Mexican foods.

She used to be called Poppie or Poopie Doop as a child.

Rayvon is a self-described low-key nerd; she loves to read before going to bed, play video games, and watch investigative documentaries.

Corie is very bad at texting and quick at picking up a new photo and video editing skills.

She is an introvert and does not really like loud and obnoxious people.

She used to eat pig intestines (chitlins) as a child but finds it repulsive now.

Corie Rayvon used to be friends with fellow Youtuber, Ashley Ortega.