Cyn Santana Age, Brother, Wiki, Bio, Height, Measurements

I know, we all know Cyn Santana. Or maybe I should say most of us. For those who have missed her on music videos, she has always been there on YouTube, Social media, or even the main media.

Apart from doing her thing on YouTube, she has been in the celebrity circle for a very long time and has appeared in different music videos including that of NAS and 2 Chainz.

Cyn Santana Wiki/Bio/Age

A very beautiful woman, Cyn Santana was born precisely on October 20, 1992, in New York City. Her birth name is Cynthia, which she cut short as Cyn.

Although there is no much information about her immediate family or her growing up as with most other stars except of course that grew up in the shadows of their parents who were entertainers, she is of Dominican and Salvadorian background.

It is her mother who is Dominican, and as she revealed, she is very strict in the old school sense.

Cyn Santana Brother

Another thing that is well known about Cyn Santana’s family is her brother who committed suicide. In fact, she has been rather open about it. The brother, Joel, was said to have killed himself shortly after his 24th birthday.

Because of this, Cyn was sure that she had failed him. “I still feel guilt, that’s one of my biggest regrets,” she revealed, feeling she could have done more to help him with his depression and mental problems.

Because of this, she has got herself involved in raising awareness towards suicide prevention on, Love & Hip Hop. Another thing she revealed the suicide did to her and her family was to force them to get closer than they have ever.

One thing that stands this woman out from most others is that she decided to take her career path in a rather different way from what you will get with most other people. She grew up with great interest in acting and she developed it as she grew.

While most people would have chased movie shows or acting, Cyn decided to go on social media by doing impressions of stars on YouTube. Some of the stars she created impressions of are Nicki Minaj and Kat Stacks.

Cyn Santana Relationship

Santana has been in an open and bubbling relationship with Rapper Joe Budden. Before this relationship, she and Erica Mena had had a relationship which it was rumored broke up after Erica cheated on her.

There is another version of the story that believes that the two had never had any form of relationship going.

On the contrary, Cyn held that the relationship was real and her mother even got angry with it. “She called me a prostitute. It was crazy. And then she found my Smooth magazine pictures, forget about it! She really disowned me but then I explained to her that this is just how the world I’m in works and now she loves it and supports everything. She’s glad I’m back to guys,” she revealed.

After the relationship (or not) between the two broke up, they both moved on to different people. While Erica moved on to Bow Wow to whom she was later engaged, Cyn moved on to date Ray before they finally separated.

As it stands right now, however, it is as though she has gotten it all with her rapper boyfriend with whom she has formed what could be defined as an army of two, literally. That is if you consider how the two decided to take on social media personality YesJulz after Julz decided to take on Budden in a Twitter fight.

Cyn Santana Height, Measurements

Cyn Santana is one woman that has caught the fancy of many as a result of her beauty and curvy shape.

Santana has an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Net Worth

With a Net Worth of around $150 Thousand Dollars, Cyn has done quite good for herself. She launched her clothing line in 2015. The fashion Line which is known as NU is still doing very good as of 2017.

Apart from her campaigns to sensitize people on suicide and its causes, she is also involved in some charity works.