Daithi de Nogla Wiki, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts

Daithi De Nogla is a popular YouTuber that is loved for what many others would be hated for; his random outbursts, rage, trying to be annoying, and weird noises. Why he is popular and loved even though he does what people should ordinarily hate is because he is doing it with so much humor and for the purpose of entertainment. A few years after starting his Channel, Nogla became really famous.

Daithi de Nogla Bio and Age

While we all know him as Daithi De Nogla, he was actually born David Nagle on July 6, 1992. The versatile Irish YouTube star was born a twin and it was in his home country of Ireland that he was raised alongside his other siblings. While growing up, he wanted to become a media personality, however, his love for games and his parents’ readiness to buy games for him would go on to define his life many years later. Apart from this, only a little is known about the man just as it is with many other YouTube stars who prefer every other aspect of their lives to be in the dark.

One of the most popular YouTube vloggers, Daithi De Nogla was a student at the Institute of Technology Tralee in County Kerry, Ireland. He couldn’t continue his education because he needed to concentrate on his channel.

What has brought Daithi to the limelight is his YouTube Channel which he began in 2012. Since from then, he has been able to build his fan base to more than 5 million subscribers. The self-titled channel is into comedic video game commenting. He also provides reviews for different games including GTA 5, Call of Duty, GMOD, and Mario Kart 8 games as well as reviews for vlogs and animated videos.

His channel has gotten close to a billion views and over 200 thousand videos. Considering the fact that he was born in 1992, it will be rather easy for one to guess his age rightly.

Girlfriend and Dating

Still unmarried, the YouTube gamer’s sexual orientation is straight. He has dated a number of ladies in the past. His present girlfriend is Jacs’ Style. Even as he is from Ireland, Styles is an American, but there is hardly any idea about where the two met and how long they have been dating.

Before his present girlfriend, Nogla has also dated another lady who is identified as Berenice. The two were together until 2016 when the relationship finally ended.

Other Facts To Note About Daithi de Nogla 

He has a twin brother who is known as Aindreas de Nogla.

Apart from his brother, the YouTube star also has a sister.

The gamer has dated a number of women even though he is yet to marry.

He used to run a show called Nogla Annoys for Machine. Just as the name of the show suggests, Nogla Annoys used to show the part of his show that shows “anger”.

He has two dogs that are very close to him, Joe and Tony. He has always shared the pictures of the dogs on social media.

Some of the games he has played on his channel include Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod, Black Ops 3, Call of Duty Zombies, Who’s Your Daddy, Move or Die, Happy Wheels and Cards Against Humanity. Most times, he plays the games with his “crew” and at other times, he does live streaming for his fans.

De Nogla is also a songwriter and a singer. He has released 3 songs all in 2015, but he has been unable to work on any more songs since then. The songs, Unloved Loving, The Others, and Your Love were all played on YouTube. He has also done covers for Daniela Andrade’s No One But You.

He still lives in Ireland together with his brother (Aindreas de Nogla) and other family members.

Net Worth

With his subscribers rapidly growing to almost 6 million, he is regarded as the second largest YouTuber in Ireland. Thanks to this, Nogla is making a lot of money which has put his annual net worth at $1.1 million. His entire earnings on the platform have been placed at over 12 million dollars. Daithi de Nogla has some merchandise of his that are sold online with his names and popular catchphrases. This is also one of the things bringing in money to him.

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