Daniel Wayne Smith – Bio, Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith’s Son

Daniel Wayne Smith – Bio, Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith’s Son

Celebrities are as vulnerable to life’s tragedies as the rest of us and one of the hardest things for parents to endure is the death of a child. Unfortunately, there are some celebrities who have gone through that pain and Anna Nicole Smith was one of them. The former Playboy model and TV personality were left shattered after losing her only son, Daniel Wayne Smith in the year 2006.

Daniel Wayne Smith was an American reality TV personality famous for being the son of the American actress/model, Anna Nicole Smith. Anna was famed for her highly publicized marriage with the billionaire investor, Howard Marshall, as well as the paternity case of her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead. Soon after the birth of Dannielynn in 2006, the news of Daniel’s demise surfaced in the media, leaving the model with a broken heart as she shared such a close bond with him.

Since then, many of her fans have been curious to know more about the life and death of Daniel Wayne Smith. Here, we have gathered all the interesting facts you need to know about Anna Nicole Smith’s son.

Bio and Life of Daniel Wayne Smith

He was born on the 22nd day in January 1986 and his birth took place in Mexia, Texas, in the United States. Born into a well-to-do American family, Daniel was the only child of Anna Nicole Smith and her then-husband, Billy Wayne Smith. His mom was an American actress and model while nothing is known about his dad.

Growing up, his parents separated when he was barely two years old. As a result of this, he was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother, Virgie Mae Arthur. He attended various private schools in Texas. However, the names of the institutions he attended are not known to the media.

When he turned 16, Daniel Wayne Smith started appearing in his mother’s show on E! Channel called Anna Nicole Show. The reality TV sitcom follows the exploits of Anna Nicole Smith and her entourage. Daniel starred alongside other big stars including Howard K. Stern, Bobby Trendy, Benjy Bronk, among others from 2004 to 2004. Although the show gained wide popularity and was incredibly successful, it was canceled in 2004 – after its viewership rating dropped drastically.

Asides from the show, Daniel also starred along with his mother in the E! channel’s True Hollywood Story and many others. He also did a little bit of acting and appeared in a few of his mother’s projects including Skyscraper and To the Limit.

Death of Anna Nicole Smith’s Son

The news of Daniel’s death surfaced on 10th September 2006, just three days after his mother, Anna, gave birth to his half-sister, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead. As the story goes, Daniel Wayne Smith visited his mother at the Doctor’s Hospital situated in Nassau, the Bahamas. There, he was suddenly found lying lifeless in his mother’s room in the maternity ward. His initial cause of death was given as an accidental overdose of drugs comprising of Zoloft, Lexapro, and methadone.

Following his sudden demise, investigations were called to find the actual cause of his death by her Majesty’s Coroner, Linda P. Vigil. However, after the investigations, the court finally concluded that Daniel had died of an accidental drug overdose and no criminal charges were pressed.

Following his death, Daniel’s funeral service was held at the First Baptist Church in Mexia and he was finally buried at New Providence, Bahamas, on the 19th October 2006. Daniel’s death left his mother Anna Nicole Smith heartbroken as they were very fond of each other and he played an important part in Anna’s life.

Other Facts About Daniel Wayne Smith

1. Five months after Daniel’s death, his mother Anna also kicked the bucket.

2. Daniel died of an overdose of his mother’s prescription drugs, his mother met the exact same fate a few months later.

3. According to his mother’s will, Daniel was the sole beneficiary of her estate. However, the will was written five years before her daughter Daniellelynn was born.

4. Anna Nicole recounts her son as a straight-A student and Daniel attended classes at Los Angeles Valley College in the Summer of 2006.

5. At the time of his demise, Anna’s son was only 20 years old while the model died at 39.