Daniella Semaan – Bio, Family Life, Facts About Cesc Fabregas’ Wife

Daniella Semaan – Bio, Family Life, Facts About Cesc Fabregas’ Wife

Daniella Semaan is a model, Instagram star, and celebrity spouse all rolled into one beautiful ball of Lebanese goodness. She joins the ranks of other celebrity wives out there that have finally been given the magic ring after long years of dating.

However, her route to the prize wasn’t what you would consider traditional. The model has been married before but found love again in the arms of Cesc Fabregas, the superstar footballer of European soccer, and they’ve been together ever since.

Daniella Semaan Biography

Semaan was born in her native country, Lebanon, on June 4, 1975. This was also where she grew up with her large family. Although the identities of her parents remain a mystery, the model had five siblings through them. Their names are Suzanna, Nazar, Amir, Majd, and Romeo. Nothing is known about her growing years and educational qualifications.

Daniella has been a model for the longest time and has walked ramps for various brands and appeared on fashion magazine covers both locally and internationally. She is most known though for her rounds around the altar.

Family Life

Semaan has been married twice. Her first marriage was with Elie Taktouk, a real-estate magnate. Their marriage ran its course from 1998 until it abruptly came to an end in 2011. In the same year, she started dating the footballer Cesc Fabregas and they got married seven years later, on May 15, 2018.

The model has five children from both men: Maria and Joseph Taktouk; and Lia, Capri, and Leonardo Fabregas.

Other Facts About Cesc Fabregas’ Wife

1. Daniella Met Fabregas in London

Daniella Semaan was in London with her son, Joseph, who loved football very much. While at a Japanese restaurant, Nozomi, located in the luxurious Knightsbridge, Daniella spotted the soccer star and approached him to get an autograph for her son.

But the day quickly went beyond her son and an autograph and soon, they had each other’s number and started dating not long after that. Some sources hold, however, that their meeting wasn’t that simple. They claim that there was no son and no autograph and that Daniella Semaan had simply taken advantage of the star’s presence at the restaurant. She had passed by his table and left a handwritten note, detailing her contact information.

Daniella Semaan – Bio, Family Life, Facts About Cesc Fabregas’ Wife
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Whatever version of the story is true, it seemed to have worked.

2. She Had a Star-Studded Wedding

Daniella Semaan’s wedding to Cesc was a star-studded, strictly-by-invitation affair. For starters, the ceremony took place in Taplow, UK, at the Cliveden House. This is the same hotel that Meghan Markle would lodge in on the night before her wedding three days later.

Celebrities that attended included a lot of Fabregas’ old teammates. Some of them included former Chelsea captain, John Terry, and his wife; Barcelona FC captain, Lionel Messi, and his wife; Jordi Alba, Ross Barkley, Ethan Ampadu, Davide Zappacosta, and a host of others.

After the ceremony, there was also an after-party at a luxurious villa located on one of Ibiza’s Balearic Islands.

Daniella Semaan had already had all her three children with Cesc at this time and they were all in attendance. Her two children with Elik were there too. Her three daughters were bridesmaids at the wedding.

3. Daniella Semaan is Much Older than Cesc

Just like Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed; Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively; Beyonce and Jay Z, by her marriage to Cesc Fabregas, both of them join the ranks of celebrity couples with huge age differences between them.

Daniella was born in 1975, Cesc in 1987, which puts a gap of 12 years in between them. While this is a significant number, though, their age difference is tiny compared to many other celebrity couples who have as much as 49 years in between them. Think Paris Dylan and Don McLean. Apparently, age is really just a number when it comes to love in the world of the rich and famous.

4. Daniella Semaan Split from Taktouk Wasn’t Amicable

Semaan and Elik Taktouk did not end on good terms. According to Elik, he filed for divorce after he found out about her affair with the footballer on a leading tabloid, thanks to a photograph he saw on the publication.

The media had a field day with their breakup as Elik and Daniella called each other out and blamed each other for the deterioration of their relationship.

Taktouk also stated that Daniella lied to a judge concerning how she was maintaining her lifestyle. While Elik revealed that Fabregas was using his money to fund her extravagance, Semaan denied the allegation in front of a judge. Elik called her a gold-digger and told Fabregas to be careful because she would likely leave him too in the future for someone with more bank.

5. Elik Had to Sell Their House to Pay Daniella’s Alimony

The bitter separation was further exacerbated by the settlement process. The real-estate tycoon received a court order, as obtained by Cesc and Daniella, to sell off the house that he had shared with Semaan when they were married, an order that didn’t sit well with him.

To make matters worse, he was made an offer of £5.4 million from a bidding company owned by Cesc. The bid amount was revealed to be a lot less than Elik had put into the property. That didn’t change much as Daniella Semaan and her new partner won the battle in court and Elik had to fold.

He sold the property for the bid amount and remitted £1.4 million to Semaan. The money served as her share in the property sale and also as a percentage of her alimony.