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It is difficult to say anything about Danny Koker without talking about “Counting Cars” – a reality television series shown on the American digital cable and satellite television network – History.

The series which was inspired by another reality television series – “Pawn Stars” was created to record the daily activities of Danny Koker’s Count’s Kustoms – an automobile restoration and customization company located in the heart of Las Vegas. Yes, it is owned and operated by Danny (Count) Koker.

The reality series which debuted on the 13th day of August 2012, chronicles Koker and his workers as they work to modify and restore automobiles and motorcycles.

Prior to “Counting Cars”, Danny was a recurring expert on “Pawn Stars”. He severally appeared as a professional specialist consulted by the pawnshop to cross-check the value of automobiles brought in or to restore them.

However, he came to the limelight after he hosted a cable TV show – “Saturday Fright at the Movies.” He later portrayed the Count Cool Rider character he created for the show on a local Vegas television channel that was reportedly owned by his family. He has not been able to unstuck “Count” from his name since then.

Disregarding the foregoing, Danny Koker is also passionate about music. He’s the leader of Count’s 77 – a hard rock band based in Las Vegas. Other members of the band include Barry Barnes, Paul Disibio, Tommy Paris and the twin guitar team of John Zito and Stoney Curtis. Count’s 77 launched its debut album on  29th April 2014 with Shrapnel Records.

Danny isn’t the frontman of Count’s 77 because he attained international fame as the owner of Count’s Kustoms. He has been singing long before he was spotlighted by “Counting Cars”.

He now takes pleasure in sharing his pastimes between his love for music and his passion for automotive. Even, he included the band on the reality series. You can check this out on the season two and three.

Danny Koker Bio, Wiki, Age

Danny Koker was born in 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio. He will celebrate his 54th birth anniversary on the 5th of January 2018.

While Danny has solely credited his father, Daniel Koker Sr. for his passion for all things automotive, his love for music can be attributed to his father and aswell, his uncle.

Danny Koker is a self-taught mechanic. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan. It is said that Danny fell in love with automobiles during his early years after his father who was an executive for Ford Motor Company bought him a motorcycle. Danny was only eight years old then but, he taught himself how to take apart the motorcycle and fix it up back together. Gradually, this became his hobby.

It’s believed Danny’s love for music has something to do with him touring the world with his uncle’s Southern gospel group, the Rex Humbard Singers.

Apart from that, Danny has agreed his involvement with music has a lot to do with him growing up with his father who excelled as a musician, singer and composer.

According to Danny’s profile on Count’s 77, it is no wonder Danny is a talented vocalist. His father worked alongside such legendary greats in music like the Foggy River Boys, The Cathedral Quartet, Oak Ridge Boys, CL Franklin and Mahalia Jackson.

“With such an inspirational role model at the helm of his education into the music industry, Koker was a natural (performer. He performed) before audiences on-stage at Carnegie Hall from the tender age of 11,” read the profile.

Married, Wife, Kids

While many things are known about Danny Koker, little is known about his wife and kids.

Danny Koker is married to Korie Koker. From what we gathered, she is a co-owner of Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill founded by Danny. Korie works for Count’s Vamp’d as a talent buyer who manages the scheduling of live music performance. She was once asked how she copes with working with her husband. Responding, she said:

“My husband and I have always made great biz partners, and in the case of Vamp’d, he trusts my decision and leaves it all pretty much up to me. He’s there for me when I need advice, but he generally just backs my play.”

It is uncertain if Danny Koker has children. It’s most likely he doesn’t as he’s never been seen or linked to any.

Net Worth, Car Collection, House

The interest people have shown in estimating Danny Koker’s net worth has made it difficult to authenticate the true worth of his riches.

Several figures between $10 to $15 million have been quoted as his net worth. But then, none of the figures can be substantiated. They are all guesswork.

Danny Koker Car Collection, House

Danny Koker has an extensive car collection. He’s a Cadillac freak and has always wanted to own a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV. As of 2015, Danny disclosed he’s yet to possess the vehicle.

At some time in the past, about 4 years ago, Danny also disclosed he has no fewer than 58 cars and 78 motorcycles in his collections.

“… I have a lot of different cars from very high-performance exotic cars and sports cars to hot rods … I’m truly addicted. I think I need an intervention. I need some help!” He quipped.

Danny Koker’s house is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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