Dansgaming Biography, Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Why Is He Popular?

Dansgaming Biography, Girlfriend, Is He Gay, Why Is He Popular?

Dansgaming has made a name for himself from being a gamer on Twitbnch.tv. He is popular for his live streaming of game videos which he titles Let’s Play and has gathered a large number of subscribers reaching over 650,000.

Dansgaming Biography

Reports have it that Dansgaming was born on 29th May 1986 in Ohio. As early as 3 years, he began playing the Super Mario Bros game and from there, his consuming love for video games developed. It wasn’t a surprise when he delved into streaming videos live on Twitch.tv. He later created a YouTube channel and began posting the highlights of his videos on the platform. Currently, he has gathered over 70,000 subscribers.

On his Twitch page, he has a Chipin option which is geared towards the purchase of new releases. He, however, clearly stated that despite their importance and how grateful he is for them; the Chipins aren’t mandatory and won’t determine the continuity of his streams. While the Physical games he plays are bought from Amazon or Gamestop (on rare occasions), his digital games are obtained from Direct2Drive or Stream.

He reported that his greatest source of joy comes from knowing that someone else experienced the same emotions he had while playing the same game. Dansgaming loves and enjoys playing various games but his preference lies with the games which bring sadness, joy, and sometimes heartache. It is this heightened passion for games that he shares on his live stream.

Does Dansgaming Have A Girlfriend Or Is He Gay?

Well, the identity of his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend(s) is unknown. But if we must take everything we see on Twitter as true, we can safely assert that Dan broke up with his girlfriend on 26th January this year (2018). He made a funny Tweet regarding this and well, that’s it.

Is Dan gay? This question has lingered for a while. If the above submission is true and Dan had a girlfriend, then this question shouldn’t come up or, what should be asked is if he is bisexual but he has another take on the matter.

Well, apparently Dan is gay or so he says. When a controversy arose in 2017 over the use of an emote which was claimed to be hateful against transgender folks, Dan tried his bit at squishing it. This involved a tweet that he made saying that he could relate to the controversy as a gay man. As much as some fans took this to heart, several were surprised as it was widely thought that he had a girlfriend.

Can we ever be certain about Dan’s sexuality? The dude seems to enjoy messing with our heads, whatever his sexual preference is, it is best known to him.

Why Is He Popular?

With the large number of fans and followers that Dan has, it is common for people to wonder and try to deduce reasons as to why this is so. Some persons have attributed this to his ‘subtle’ sense of humor while others have insisted that it can’t be as he has a dry sense of humor.

The truth is, Dan doesn’t see himself as anything special nor his channel as spectacular. He describes himself as a ‘small’ Broadcaster with two very key factors on his side: Time and Experience. In a document which he shared on Twitter, Dan wisely explained and advised all broadcasters to understand that different streams grow at their own rates. He reiterated that it took him about five years of consistent and continuous streaming to get him to a point where others see him as successful.

The gamer encouraged them to try to curb jealousy which tends to spring forth over other more successful channels. He stated that he has been there but now knows what it takes to make a channel popular. DansGame clearly specified that he was patient in getting viewers to know him and in engaging them.

This apparently led to a steady increase in his number of regular viewers. Also important to note is the fact that he didn’t try to imitate anyone or be someone else, he treasured his own identity and used it to his advantage. These reasons must definitely be why he is so popular with a lot of regular viewers and viewer counts on Twitch.tv.

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