Dave Hester Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Biography, Is He Dead?

Dave Hester who is also known as “The Mogul” is a renowned auctioneer and television personality. Hester is renowned for his ambitious and dubious nature, as he has engaged in a number of altercation and scuffle during his time on “Storage Wars”. Some major scuffles he engaged in were with buyers like Brandon Sheet and Darrell. More so, his rivalry with his brother became known after his brother featured on the season two of “Storage Wars”. This was in an episode titled ‘Unclaimed Baggage’ where a bid was placed against him.

Dave Hester Biography

Dave Hester was born on the 3rd of July 1964 in Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base; near Oceanside, California, United States of America. While his father has both German and Irish descent, his mother was born in Mexico. Dave’s father used to be a military personnel and was also a trained collector, who always visited auctions in order to purchase collectibles.

Growing up, while Dave’s age mates were enrolling for college, he was interested in auctions; following the footsteps of his father. Nonetheless, unlike his pinchpenny father, Dave developed a real interest in the business. His genuine passion for the business and attention to details ended up earning him so much income.

Dave has a younger brother, but the duo are at loggerheads. His son Dave Jr. is the one supervising the online aspect of his commercial enterprise. He eventually began to engage himself in auctions after featuring in a top TV series. Dave Junior’s aspiration is to possess a mobile home so he can move from one location to another as a ‘gypsy auctioneer’. He believes this will enable him to attend more auctions on a daily basis.

Dave Hester was raised around collectibles. His father used to purchase and sell valuables at auctions. When he was five years old, he used to follow his father to auctions, exchange meets, and garage sales. At age 14, Dave began to buy toolset and machinery for auctions. He then began to sell out those items to military-base stores situated in Orange County, California.

In the year 1986, Dave visited his foremost storage auctions. The star actor once worked as bid-catcher back in the days of his humble beginning.  He articulated his catchword ‘Yuuup’ loudly; so as to locate bidders in the crowd. In the year 1992, Dave Hester turned into a licensed and bonded auctioneer.

Dave became famous after he featured on the popular television series “Storage Wars” established in 2010. The show is meant for those who obtain contents of storage units which have not been used. The popular TV show is aired across the country and it has gained the recognition of the masses.

Net Worth of Dave Hester

According to a reliable source, Dave has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars. He earned this whopping sum of money from his commercial enterprise and from his role in Storage Wars. At his age, there is every possibility that he is going to stick to his chosen career path and enlarge his business thereof. With the increase in success and fame, Dave’s net worth will definitely increase over the coming years.

Married, Wife, and Kids

Dave has decided to keep his private life away from the media and the public. No information has been revealed whether the comely actor is happily married, neither has any woman been seen with him, as he has kept people guessing. Despite the fact that Dave has not been seen with any woman, he has a son whose name is Dave Hester Jr. This shows that he either has a wife whom no one knows about or he had a fling.


In December 2012, Hester was dismissed by the producers of the show Storage War. His dismissal propelled him to file a lawsuit against A & E, stating that he was wrongfully fired. He revealed that he was sacked because he made a formal accusation against the staged act of Storage War; as some items were planted in the store. Thereafter, the issue was ironed out in 2014. After the lawsuit was resolved, Dave was called back to the show in 2014. Dave is known to be a very troubled and quarrelsome individual. This is one of the reasons he did not feature during the 4th season.

Is He Dead?

Dave Hester is still alive and kicking. In fact, here are some amazing Facts about Hester;

In the year 1992, Hester delved into auctioneering.

He debuted in Storage Wars when it was premiered in the year 2010 on A & E.

Hester’s favorite charity home happens to be Research Hospital.

He loves to go on adventures to places like Mexico, San Cabo Lucas, and Alaska.

Dave Jr. is the only known child of Hester.

In the year 2015, Hester was able to garner about 85,000 thousand likes on Facebook.

That same year, he clinched about 90,800 followers on Twitter.

Hester was once incarcerated for being under the influence of alcohol while driving.

The year 1996 was the first time he attended his first storage auction.

Hester’s catchword is ‘Yuuup’.

The name of his storage auction business is Dave Hester Auctioneer.

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