Dave Kindig – Age, Wife & Net Worth

Dave Kindig – Age, Wife & Net Worth

If you love cars, not just any type of car but rather custom-made cars, then chances are that you might have come across Dave Kindig or perhaps seen one of his products. He is an American hot rod designer and owner of Kindig-It Design, a custom car design firm that designs both old and new cars for its customers.

Dave got famous following his starring on the television show Beyond Bitchin’ Rides in 2015. He has been in business for a very long time and he has become quite successful thereof. In this article, we are going to tell you all that we know about his background, religion, career, finance, and even his relationship life.

Dave Kindig Early Life: How Old is He?

Dave Kindig was born many years ago in the United States of America. He is of American nationality but being that he has not revealed anything about his parents and siblings if he has any, his ethnicity has not been accurately ascertained.

As he was growing up, Dave was remarkable for something – his love for automobiles. From a very early age, he already knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life which had to be working with vehicles. Through high school and college, Kindig could be seen making drawings of car designs and sometimes, designing his own or his friends’ cars while in college.

After his studies, there was no delay in kicking off his career. He got off on a good start and spent the first 8 years doing high-performance coatings. This gave him an opportunity to travel across America for projects – meet car designers, builders, and fellow car enthusiasts like himself. While he did this, Dave Kindig was also nurturing the ambition of setting up his own car customization business.

The time for it came in 1999 when alongside his wife, they started building their car design business together. At the time, what the enthusiastic business-minded couple lacked in finance, they had in abundance with their passion and ideas on how to grow their business. They uniquely named their car design shop Kindig-It Design which is situated in Salt Lake City in Utah. Through it, they cater to the needs of clients who want to get a custom makeover on their vehicles.

Since starting Kindig-It Design, Dave Kindig has been quite successful in business. His works have been appreciated severally with different awards from various organizations such as GM Design Award in 2007, the 2012 Master Builder Award, and his 2013 Ford Design Award. Very few persons can boast of having any of these awards how much more having all three of them.

As he went about his career, Dave got a lot more famous beyond the network of his clientele and fellow car designers when he began starring on the reality television series Beyond Bitchin’Rides in 2015. The series has in no small way brought him to the knowledge of many people.

As you would have rightly imagined, Dave Kindig does not work independently of others in his car customization business. His right-hand people are his wife, Charity Kindig (who serves as the co-founder and Vice President of the company), Valerie Gillies (who is in charge of marketing), Will Lockwood, Carlos Delgado, Kevin Schiele, and several others who attend to different things.

Dave Kindig – Age, Wife & Net Worth
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Family Life: Meet His Wife and Kids

Dave Kindig is married to his long-term girlfriend who now goes by the name Charity Kindig. The duo met many years ago when they came to spend their evening in a dance club. One thing led to the other and they got talking, from it they became friends and subsequently dated for a few years before getting married.

As mentioned earlier, Charity is the Vice President of Kindig-It-Design which means she is very much involved and passionate about their business. The couple is the parents of two children named Baylee Kindig and Drew Kindig. Just like their mom, they both work in the family car design company.


The custom carmaker still has a couple of things unknown about him. One of such is the issue of his religion. It is not yet known what the religious beliefs of Dave Kindig is and making a guess in a matter as sensitive as this by assuming he follows one of the most popular religious movements in the world can hurt the feelings of a lot of people if the guess is not true.

Details of His Net Worth

With a career that has spanned so many years during which he has served several clients satisfactorily, Dave Kindig has been able to amass a reasonable amount of wealth in his career. As of the time we last updated this article, his net worth is reported to be about $5 million.

How Tall is Dave Kindig?

The few available reports about his height have it that Dave Kindig stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches or 1.65 m. At this height, he weighs about 65 kg. However, going by the sparse nature of this report, its accuracy has not been verified.

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