Davey Detail – Everything About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband

Davey Detail – Everything About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband

Marriages are meant to last for a lifetime. People are supposed to live happily ever after and also enjoy each other’s company after tying the knot. While this really works out for most people, it is not always the case for some others, especially celebrities. In the case of Davey Detail and Rose McGowan, the two managed to keep up with each other for three years before their marriage spiraled into divorce.

For Rose, her relationship with Detail was not the first as she has been in a slew of relationships with notable personalities like Marilyn Manson, Texas-born filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, and musician Jordy Asher. Although McGowan’s ex-husband has been maintaining a low profile after their tragic divorce, here’s everything you need to know about him.

Davey Detail Bio

Davey Detail arrived in the world on the 12th day of January in the year 1983. He was born in the city of Bellevue, Washington, in the U.S but information about his parents, siblings, childhood, and family relations is not really available for public consumption.

Similarly, the names of institutions he attended for his elementary, high school, and college education are also not a matter of public knowledge. However, he is said to have developed a penchant for art and design right from a young age. While in school, Davey took part in art and design competitions and his works were quite impressive.

Everything About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband

1. His Real Name 

Within and outside of the industry, Rose McGowan’s ex-husband is popularly known as Davey Detail but only a few know that his real name is actually Davey Leavitt. Davey Detail is just a moniker adopted by the artist for his business.

2. Davey Detail Is An Accomplished Visual Artist

Davey Detail is an incredible visual artist famed for his involvement in the Los Angeles Art Collective CYRCLE which he co-founded with two other artists: Devin Liston and David Torres in the year 2010. The collective rose to immense popularity for the first time after installing an April Fools joke on a fence at the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art during a street art gig. Not long after, their artwork began to feature at local Los Angeles galleries in group shows.

CYRCLE which clearly paints a clear picture of the sensitive nature of men and the duality via an aesthetic form and balance has been a commercial success for many years. Apart from the fact that the trio has once showcased a unique show titled: CYRCLE Manifesto, a lot of celebrities also have CYRCLE’s art in their personal collections.

Among them are Ari Emanuel, Shepard Fairey, and Harlem, New York-born rapper Sean John Combs, professionally known as P. Diddy. Known for fine art, muralism, typography, sculpture, and installation art, sculpture, some pieces of CYRCLE’s collection have also featured in commercials, including the one Rose McGowan’s ex-husband did for Audi. CYRCLE’s debut solo exhibition opened in the month of August 2011 and it was captioned: WE NEVER DIE (WND).

Davey Detail – Everything About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband
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3. His Mariage To Rose McGowan

The couple exchanged their marital vows on 12th October 2013. The ceremony took place in the Paramour Mansion in Silverlake, California and was officiated by a rabbi, as Detail is Jewish. It is not known exactly how and when Rose and Detail met or began their relationship but we do know that there were other men the actress dated before saying “Yes” to the visual artist.

She was in a relationship with Marilyn Manson for almost four years, after which they got engaged but sadly called off their relationship in 2001. Rose was also engaged to Robert Rodriquez from October 2007 until October 2009 before having a brief fling with musician Jordy Asher.

4. Davey’s Divorce From Rose McGowan

Rose and her husband filed for divorce in the month of February 2016, two years after they got married. In their divorce paper, the two mentioned irreconcilable differences as the main reason for their separation and also disclosed that they had separated one year before filing for divorce.

It was also reported that Davey Detail and McGown privately reached an agreement about the division of their assets and declined to accept spousal support. Their union did not produce children.

5. He Is Currently Based in Los Angeles

Although Davey Detail is a native of Bellevue, Washington, he’s currently based in the city of Los Angeles, from where he’s running his visual art business.

6. His Height

The Bellevue, Washington-born artist is 5 feet 10 inches tall and has a body mass of 74 kilograms. Information about his other body measurements is not available at the moment.