David Alexis is one-half of one of the most beautiful celebrity couples in the world. He rose to fame after his relationship with the actress Madchen Amick went public. Madchen is best known for starring in the original crime drama series Twin Peak, in which she played the character, Shelly. Their love story made the papers and the media interested in the man who captured the beautiful actress’ heart.

The couple has managed to stay together and keep loving each other even after nearly three decades of marriage. They give a lot of people hope that they might one day find a soulmate of their own.

Madchen’s longtime partner is an Afro-American musician, singer, and songwriter. Although he is not very well known in the mainstream music culture, David has enjoyed a very successful career as an artist spanning over twenty years. He has collaborated with a number of high profile artists, performing in concerts around the world with entertainers like Donald Lawrence, Jennifer Holiday, and Tremaine Hawkins. He also teaches and guides interested participants to actualize themselves and resolve their issues through music therapy sessions.

David Alexis – Bio

David was born on the 4th of May in Boston, United States. However, his exact birth year is not known, but it has been reported that he and his wife Madchen are the same age, which would mean that he was born in 1970 just like her. Details about his early life or the identities of his parents and siblings have been kept away from the public. The singer has not revealed where he went to college or what he studied while he was there. Perhaps, he didn’t obtain a tertiary education.

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When talking about David’s career journey and professional life, he has managed to keep most of his achievements under wraps as he is one of those artists who are more interested in the craft rather than the fame and money that comes with being a successful musician. Regardless of this fact, it is no secret that David has been active in the industry as a songwriter, singer, music producer since the late 1980s. He has had a full and prosperous career working as a music composer and songwriter for other artists and projects.

His music blends R&B, gospel, and jazz to create a sound that is full of honesty, vulnerability, and soul. He also works as a background vocalist and his professional credits include singing roles in Mo’ Tenors, Black Nativity, Little Shop of Horrors, and Anything Goes. David has serenaded audiences at several prestigious venues such as the Madison Square Garden, Wang Center, Ryle’s, Shubert Theatre, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and many more. The experienced musician also spends his time serving as a music trainer for other up and coming musician who aspires to have a career in music.

Relationship with Mädchen Amick

David met his wife-to-be Madchen Amick in 1987 when they were both teenagers trying to find their place in the world. They were living in Los Angeles, and Madchen was just starting out as an actress so she decided to try her hands at music and employed David as her personal music trainer. Their houses were right next to each other so they ended up spending a lot of time together and their friendship blossomed into love.

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Their relationship status changed to husband and wife on December 9, 1992. They gave birth to their son Sylvester Time Amick-Alexis earlier on July 5, 1992, while their daughter followed on September 2, 1993. They named her Mina Tobias Amick-Alexis and she is grown now and pursuing a career in music like her father. David Alexis and Madchen Amick remain happily married till today.

David Alexis’ Net Worth

After a very illustrious musical career, David Alexis has garnered fame and a decent amount of wealth over the years. Although his exact net value has not yet been ascertained, the versatile singer and songwriter is estimated to be worth over $1 million while his actress wife has stacked up an impressive $3 million net worth.

Facts About Mädchen Amick’s Husband

1. David has created several dozens of music compilations that have been commercially and critically successful.

2. His gorgeous wife also has a strong musical background. She plays the violin, bass, guitar, and the keyboard.

3. Davis Alexis has supported his wife through her career, happily cheering her on as she starred in film and shows like Pries, Twin Peaks, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dream Lover, Witches of East End, and