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David Cassidy was an American star who enjoyed well over 4 decades of fame in Hollywood and beyond. Till the time of his death, he was an actor, a talented singer, and a songwriter. Dave was also a guitarist.

The 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) paid tribute to the late star alongside Don Rickles, Della Reese, and Bill Paxton and who also passed on last year.

David Cassidy Wiki

The singing actor is most remembered for his role as Keith Partridge in the 1970’s musical sitcom, The Patridge Family. David Bruce Cassidy has German, Irish, Swiss ancestry. He was born on April 12, 1950, in New York, United States. His parents were entertainment figures as well. His father Jack Cassidy, was a prominent actor and singer while his mother Evelyn Ward was a known actress and dancer too.

The vocalist and pop-rock star have 3 half-brothers- Shaun, Ryan, and Patrick Cassidy. His parents divorced in 1954 but kept it a secret till 1956 when 6-year old David bumped into the truth while playing with his friends. Growing up, David spent an enormous amount of time with his grandparents as his entertainer parents were constantly on tour. His maternal grandmother’s ancestors were among the founders of Newark, New Jersey.


As a teenager, his attraction to the arts was evident. Dave took up a regular job while working on the side to improve his acting and singing skills. He soon started making impressive moves in the acting world. His big break came with The Patridge Family which lasted from 1970-1974. For that time frame, David Cassidy was the rave of the moment. His fame spread from America to Europe and Asia as well.

With a great voice, charming look, and great hair, Dave automatically became the ladies’ sweetheart. He sure did have a lot of female fans who idolized him. The longer the show lasted, the more hit songs it produced. The Patridge Family reportedly grossed an estimated $500 million. None of his works was as lucrative as the 70s musical show.

Dave also featured in some other TV shows such as Iron Side, Adam-12, Bonanza, amongst others. Some of his popular songs include How Can I Be Sure, DaydreamerCould It Be Forever, and CherishHis Then and Now album reportedly went platinum internationally. In 1974, the album ranked Top 5 on the UK album charts.

Dave did so well in the 70s that he literally outsold the Beatles; a major marker for success in the then music scene. During one of his concerts in London, a tragedy occurred. A teenage girl lost her life in a stampede that left about 800 fans who attended the show injured.

It is largely believed that the late actor never fully recovered from that incident.

Death And Net Worth

On November 21, 2017, David died from liver failure at the age of 67. It is public knowledge that he suffered a prolonged battle with alcoholism. Before his death, the star also mentioned he suffered Dementia as well.

His alcohol addiction led him to be arrested on several occasions. Reports also revealed that whilst performing at one of his shows in Las Vegas, Dave sustained injuries that spurred his addiction to painkillers in addition to all the other health challenges he was already deep in.

At the time of his death, David Cassidy was worth an estimated $500 000.

The star who earned a weekly salary of $600,000 from The Partridge Family filed for bankruptcy in 2015. He owed serious debts which saw him in and out of courthouses.

He sold his luxury Fort Lauderdale home for $2 million. He had bought the house in 2001 for $1.1 million. David Cassidy blamed his indebtedness on his health crisis which abruptly stopped him from doing more tours. Moreso, the decline in his royalty from The Partridge Family TV show coupled with some failed investments greatly affected his earnings. He was considered broke in the latter part of his days.

Family – Mother, Wife, Son & Daughter

David Cassidy took after his parents in many respects. For one he became a star and a serial divorcee. He has been married and separated 3 subsequent times. Kay Lenz was the first wife (1977-1983); Meryl Tanz was the second (1984-1985) and Sue Shifrin was the 3rd (1991-2016). Dave also dated a former fashion model, Sherry Williams.

David Cassidy is the father of two children-  Katie and Beau Cassidy. Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy is Dave’s daughter with Sherry Williams. The actress had a rocky relationship with her father. Beau just like his father is a singer and songwriter. His mother is actress Sue Shifrin.

While David suffered dementia prior to his death, his mother, Evelyn also died of Alzheimer’s disease. Evelyn Ward was an actress and Broadway performer who featured in the 50s and 60s movies like The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mike Hammer, and Vacation Playhouse. After her break-up with David’s father, she remarried again to Elliot Silverstein. The 7-year old marriage also ended up in a divorce in 1968.