Dawn-Lyen Gardner – Bio, Husband, Parents, Family, Height, Net Worth

Dawn-Lyen Gardner is a stylish and talented actress who won the attention and admiration of film lovers as a result of her leading role in the American drama television series, ‘Queen  Sugar’, which was created by Ava DuVernay with the accomplished media mogul, , credited as its executive producer. Before launching her career formally in the year 1994, Gardner was no stranger to the industry as she had featured in a good number of television and stage productions as a young girl.

So far, she has more than fifteen completed projects under her belt. It is also worthy to mention that Gardner, since 2016, has been reprising her role as Charley Bordelon West on Queen Sugar.

Dawn-Lyen Gardner Bio

The Queen Sugar star was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, on the 30th day of August 1981. Dawnlyen Gardner is an American of mixed racial background. The actress was brought up in her native town and subsequently enrolled at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts for her high school education.

She spent the required years at the institution and graduated in the year 1999 alongside her mates. When she graduated, Gardner relocated to New York City to hone her career. Her next stop was at the renowned Manhattan-based performing arts conservatory Juilliard School, where she met the Las Vegas-born actress and Queen Sugar co-star,

Some of Dawn-Lyen Gardner’s earliest projects in the industry are the 1994 American action-adventure television series, Viper, and Michael Crichton’s medical drama television series, ER. She bagged a recurring role in the former and was featured as a guest actress in the latter.

Apart from the aforementioned, her other professional credits are in Star Wars: The Clone Wars where she voiced Steela Gerrera, the 2018 TV series God Friended Me, 2015’s The Mysteries of Laura wherein she played Samantha Williams and her role as Alice in 2016’s The Dunning Man.

Her Family – Parents and Husband

For Dawn-Lyen Gardner, her family is her biggest inspiration, support, and backbone. The actress is the daughter of immigrants; her dad is black and her mom is of Chinese descent.

Being someone who doesn’t mix issues about her career and that of her personal life, the actress has not revealed in details information about her parents, including their names and what they are currently up to. Also, it’s unclear if she has siblings or is the only child.

In the course of her career, Dawn-Lyen Gardner has portrayed several on-screen characters, including a married woman; but in real life, she is flying solo. It is believed that the actress is single, but it is possible she is seeing someone secretly. In a nutshell, her relationship status is best known to her. But by the look of things, it appears she is more interested in her career than starting a family of her own.

Dawn-Lyen Gardner’s Net Worth

Dawn-Lyen Gardner is a talented and hard-working actress with many projects ahead of her to accomplish. As mentioned earlier, she began paddling her own canoe in the industry at a very young age. Apart from her work in movies and television, she has also had some roles in stage productions, including The Seagull, The School of Night, and For Colored Girls.

Gardner, according to reports, receives a fat pay for her role in Queen Sugar. Nevertheless, details of her earnings and net worth are not known to the public; even though it is quite obvious that she has done well for herself financially.

Height – How Tall Is She?

It is common to come across short and averagely tall actresses taking on various roles. This clearly shows that height has little or nothing to do with success when it comes to this profession. While the Los Angeles-born actress’ on-screen presence may be quite imposing, she belongs to the crop of Hollywood stars who stand a little bit above 5 feet.

Standing at 5 feet 3 inches, Dawn-Lyen Gardner’s stature has not cost her any role in the industry, as she makes this up with her talent. Born with long black hair and brown eyes, she is blessed with benefitting physical features and a comfortable weight.

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