Reasons Why Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell Are The Best

We love our Hollywood couples, that’s for sure, they entertain us, they provide us with #goals and sometimes they serve as a cautionary tale. Once in a while, along comes that couple that blows us away with their cuteness and devotion to each other. In that vein, it’s time to check out Dax Shepard’s wife and the actor himself.

Who Is Dax Shepard’s Wife?

Well, this one is for all of you out there who do not really know who Dax is shacking up with despite the fact that she is just as famous as he is and their relationship is quite out there in the open. Her name is Kristen Bell and she is an actress best known for her roles in movies like Forgetting Sarah MarshallThe Boss and the voice of Princess Anna in Frozen.

She and Dax got engaged in 2010, after dating for three years and married after six years, this right here is an article to let you all know more about the couple and their relationship as a whole.

Reasons Why We Love Their Relationship

They Don’t Make It Look Like A Bed Of Roses

The issue with most of these Hollywood marriages and relationships as a whole is how they can often seem like fairy tales one moment and then crash and burn the next. On this front alone, we really need to give it to the couple, they try their best to make it clear that it takes a lot of patience, understanding and hard work to be the well oiled machine that they are.

For instance, who said marriage counselling is only for failing couples? Seriously, we are asking… Well Dax and Kirsten attend counselling sessions regardless. The truth is, it’s not easy to live with anyone at all, talk less of someone with a different background, set of opinions and the rest. So, you definitely have to pull out all the big guns.

They Make PDA Look So Tempting

You have to admit that it doesn’t get any cuter than these two, they seem like total opposites of each other, the ‘ying to the other’s yang’, but yet they always look so in sync and above that, super in love. Show us a couple that can’t keep their hands off each other and we will show you a couple in love.

From their stolen kisses on various red carpet events to the steamy ‘kissy wissy’ selfies we see on their Instagram pages, these two are setting serious relationship goals for the rest of us and we really can’t say that we mind. Hopefully, one day our PDA pictures provide people with #Goals.

Their Chemistry Goes Beyond Reality

It’s one thing to have an obvious connection in the real world and another to have that same chemistry on screen… yes we are talking to you Miss Lopez and Mr Affleck. Dax Shepard’s wife and the actor himself have no problem on both fronts. It is pretty obvious that they have a strong connection off screen, but believe us when we say that it’s even more so when they are in front of a camera.

They obviously enjoy working together and it shows in whatever they feature in together. They have appeared in Hit and Run, When in Rome, Veronica Mars, a bunch of Samsung commercials and the upcoming Chips remake together. The couple considers themselves lucky to work together and they keep us wanting to see more of them together on the big screen.

They Had An Actual Low Key Wedding

You know how it goes when celebrities say that they want a low key wedding and they end up with a guest list of 100-200 people who are most definitely all close friends and family members. Well, we do not quite understand how big some of these family and close friend circles are, but we do know a real intimate wedding when we see one.

The couple got married in 2013, it was an all black event that cost them about $142, well what would you expect when the venue was a small courtroom at the Beverly Hills County Clerk’s Office? It is honestly quite admirable, because Hollywood in all it’s glam is quite the tempting scene when it comes to going over the top.

Well, these are just a few reasons among many that make them such an awesome couple, for the rest of them all you have to do is keep your eyes stayed on this wonderful Hollywood duo.