Deborah Kara Unger Biography, Family, Quick Facts You Need To Know

Canadian-born Deborah Kara Unger is an actress who has made a name for herself with stellar performances in movies such as The Way, Silent Hill, and 88 minutes.

Deborah Kara Unger Biography

Deborah Kara Unger was born on May 12, 1966. Her birthplace is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and as such, she holds Canadian citizenship. She is of white ethnicity and her zodiac sign is Cancer. While growing up, one might be right to tag her as a rebellious kid. In spite of her adventures, she was also able to excel in her academics, and at 11 years old, she was allowed to skip two grades because of her high IQ.

She was bright enough to make fake IDs and use them, independent enough to work at McDonald’s, and curious enough to enter casinos at just 16. Upon graduation from High School, (which she did with flying colors) she headed off to the University of British Columbia, where she pursued degrees in Philosophy and Economics.

During her time in college, she picked up an interest in acting and opted to enroll at the NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), a globally reputable Australian training institute. She went on to get her application accepted and made history by becoming the first Canadian to be accepted at the institute.

Her first shot at acting was in the movie Bangkok Hilton shot in 1989. She co-starred with another rising star Nicole Kidman who was finding her feet in the industry at the time. Her role in Bangkok Hilton was followed up with an appearance in Till There was You in 1990. Despite low commercial ratings, her performance was highly applauded by critics.

Her previous performances were in Australian film productions and Deborah knew that she needed to break into the Hollywood space if she was going to make it to the pinnacle of her craft. She moved to the US and actively began to seek roles. In 1993, she landed a role in the drama series  Hotel Room. The project had renowned moviemaker David Lynch on board.

In 1994, Deborah featured in the State of Emergency and after that, a much bigger movie Highlander III: The Sorcerer. The hype and investment around Highlander III were such that expectations became very high. The movie failed to meet these high expectations, failing to make any significant impact at the box office. This woeful outing had a negative impact on the careers of all associated with the project. Deborah was no exception.

After a few years in the doldrums, in 1997, Deborah landed a lead role in the thriller The Game, directed by David Fincher. The movie had on its cast, star names Michael Douglas and Sean Penn. The film was well received and played a significant part in redeeming her faltering career.

She subsequently appeared in the movie Luminous Motion. She followed that up with an appearance in the very successful blockbuster Payback. She played the character ‘Lynn Porter’ with superstar actor Mel Gibson in the lead role.

She has starred in the following movies; The Hurricane, Sunshine, The Hollow, Dangerous Arrangement, and most recently Jackals and Vengence: A Love Story.


We have constantly made a great effort to make reference to the similar attributes present in the life of both Deborah and her family. Well, although she is a well-known actress and celebrity, there is little information with regards to her family. Deborah was born to intelligent career individuals. Her father was a gynecologist while her mother was a nuclear disposal specialist, quite the geeky pair you’d say. She has a brother named Max Unger. Debora isn’t married, hence, she has no children.

Quick Facts You Need to Know About Deborah Kara Unger

Deborah Kara Unger has lit up television screens with her performances. Here are some quick facts you need to know about the Canadian actress.

1. When Deborah applied and was accepted at National Institute For Dramatic Arts (NIDA), she became the first Canadian to be accepted into the prestigious academy.

2. Deborah Unger began studying philosophy and economics when she was just 15.

3. She once fractured a bone while on the set of a movie.

4.Deborah Kara Unger was the first actress honored with the Libertas Award.

5.Deborah splits her time traveling between Los Angeles and Vancouver due to the demands of her career.