Dele Alli Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Weight, Body Stats, Net Worth, Salary

A two-time PFA Young Player of the Year, Dele Alli quickly established himself in the world of football and is on to even greater things. Born in Milton Keynes, Dele played for the local youth team and improved rapidly until 2015 when he attracted the attention of Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur.

After years of playing for England’s junior team, Alli got promoted to the national team in 2015. He played in the Euro 2016 and was selected as part of the 23 players to feature at the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. Let’s take you on a dive into his personal life.

Dele Alli’s Parents

Dele was born Bamidele Jermaine Alli on 11 April 1996, in Milton Keynes, England to a Nigerian father named Kehinde and an English mother named Denise. After he joined Spurs in 2015, many fans of the premier league in Nigeria took an immediate interest in him as a result of his surname which originates from the Yoruba tribe in the African country. This would lead to some shocking discoveries about Dele’s sour relationship with his parents who have both, for a long time, been trying to reunite with him.

The original rumor that went around (especially in Nigeria) was that Dele was abandoned by his father and left to be taken care of by Denise who guided him through football stardom. Others also blindly claimed that the reason why Kehinde wanted his son back was because of his football stardom and the big bucks he had begun to earn. However, in a 2018 interview that Dele’s parents had with Sunday Mirror, all of that was debunked.

To Dele’s parents, having him was somehow unplanned, his dad Kehinde was in the UK in the 1990s to study for his master’s degree at De Montfort University when he encountered Denise at a nightclub after which they had a fling culminating in Denise’s pregnancy with Dele. Despite the unexpected pregnancy, they continued their relationship and soon got married. However, their marriage was short-lived.

When Dele turned 3 years old, his parents separated however, Kehinde and Denise maintained a close relationship and continued to invest in Dele’s life as well as other kids Denise had previously had. Kehinde would later relocate to Canada to work but returned frequently to the UK to cater to Dele and his mother’s needs.

When Dele was 8 years old, his father relocated with him to Lagos, Nigeria where Dele would spend the next one year of his life. In Nigeria, Dele lived like royalty in a 10-room luxury mansion served by 3 maids. Additionally, he attended one of the most expensive international schools in the city where the tuition was a whopping £20,000 a year. In their 2018 interview with Sunday Mirror, Dele’s parents revealed lots of photos as proof of their eye-opening statements.

In 2006 when Kehinde married his second wife Lola, Dele served as his papa’s best man. Dele’s relationship with his parents remained seemingly solid until he returned to the UK at the age of 11 to pursue his passion of becoming a footballer. Kehinde revealed to Sunday Mirror that letting Dele go was hard for him but he didn’t want to be the one to stand between his son and his big dreams.

In the UK, Dele first began training with City Colts before joining Milton Keynes Dons. He’d train 5 days a week and as a result, his mom allowed him to move in with a friend who lived nearby for convenience and during weekends, he’d return home.

The original rumor that circulated online was that Dele’s mom was an alcoholic and was unable to cater for her kids, however, she strongly debunked this claim in the interview as well as claims that she gave Dele up for adoption. The adoption rumors stemmed from the fact that Dele referred to his friend/teammate’s parents Alan and Sally Hickford as his adoptive parents. However, the fact remains that he was never adopted by them.

As years went by, Dele’s relationship with his parents began to wane, they were not invited to his first professional signing and soon he stopped taking their calls. Denise revealed that the last time she saw Dele was in 2015. Since then she has made several attempts to contact him, including going to the White Hart Lane but all have been futile.

Kehinde who is a multimillionaire with businesses in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria has severally attended games just to reconnect with his son but has been unsuccessful as well.

Despite the deep revelation from Dele’s parents, the football star has remained mum about the situation. In summer 2016, he requested that “Alli” be dropped from his jersey and replaced with “Dele” as he didn’t feel any ties with his family. His parents have expressed nothing but shock towards their son’s heartbreaking actions. The world awaits the time when Dele would tell his own side of the story.

Net Worth, Salary

Dele Alli as of 2018 earns a weekly salary of £60,000 for his contributions to Spurs. His £5 million deal inked in 2015 had a duration of five and half years. By calculations, his contract with the side would be up by 2020. Like every other football star, Alli bolsters his income with proceeds from endorsement deals. Some of his most lucrative partners include Adidas and BT Sport.

Putting a value on Alli’s net worth is very difficult at the moment. However, his exact numbers would be clearer after he renews his deal with the side or maybe gets signed to another team. Back in 2017, Harry Redknapp made a huge claim saying that the midfielder was worth £100 million. Well, time will tell.


Since early 2016, Dele Alli has been in a relationship with fashion model Ruby Mae who is about the same age as he is. Signed to Manchester-based agency Boss Model Management, Mae has worked for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and Hidden Fashion.

Since they were first spotted kissing publicly right after the Euro 2016, the couple has been seen severally attending events and going on dates together.

Alli’s Body Stats

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: 80 kg