Devyn Nekoda – Bio, Facts, Family, Other Facts About The Actress

Devyn Nekoda has a lot going for her: her endearing looks, her dance skills, and her strengths as an actress. The professional dancer cum actress was born with happy feet. She learned how to move her feet long before she could move her lips. And the Canadian native has been dancing ever since.

It was her dancing prowess that paved the path for her to go into acting. In 2014, Devyn made her acting debut on the dance film Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight. Since then, she has appeared in a number of projects, including for names like Disney and Netflix. She has also had a few other acting roles where she has gotten to combine her love for acting and dancing. Her most popular acting role was as Vanessa Morita on the television series Backstage.

Devyn Nekoda’s Bio

The dancer and actress was born in Brantford, in the Canadian province of Ontario on December 12, 2000. As a toddler, Devyn had already developed a strong desire to dance, well before she could speak clearly. She officially started training to be a dancer when she was two years old. She joined the Lisa Naves Dance Company at that age and started honing her skill in different dance genres, including hip hop, lyrical, jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, and acrobatics. She eventually enrolled at the Toronto School of Circus Acts and while there, she had some performances on Breakfast TV.

Before her acting career, Devyn Nekoda had already had a pretty good ride in the course of her professional dancing career. She had done a performance with one-time Dancing with the Stars’ Edyta Sliwinska. Their performance was on a stage production titled Dance Star and took place at the Avalon Theater. For her dancing career, Nekoda also went on a tour of southern Ontario with the stage company known as Tree House for their production titled Roll Play Live. In 2013, the dancer also appeared in the music video for ‘Speeches’, a song by the Canadian pop band Walk off the Earth.

Facts About her Acting Career

In 2014, the dancer made her foray into acting when she was cast as a modern dancer named Luisa, in the eighth film of the American Girl movie franchise, An American Girl: Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight. Her character was the protective best friend of the lead character Isabelle Palmer, played by Erin Pitt.

Her next acting project, Max & Shred, was her television debut. She made a single-episode guest appearance on the show as Wendy Chong. Next, she was one of the J-Troupe dancers on The Next Step, making an appearance in one episode in each of the second and third seasons.

Starting in 2014, she was subsequently cast in the popular Canadian teen drama series in the Degrassi: The Next Generation. She played the recurring role of a quiet and nerdy student named Arlene Takahashi. In 2015, Devyn Nekoda started playing the role of Charlie in the live-action children’s tv series Annedroids. The role lasted for seven episodes with five of them coming in 2016.

In 2016, she played Mackenzie Wick on the Disney television movie The Swap. In the same year, she was part of Family Channel’s situational comedy Raising Expectations. She portrayed Madison in two episodes of the series.

In 2016, the actress played her first lead role as Vanessa Morita in the teen drama Backstage. The series tells the story of the tribulations and triumphs of the students at a fiction art school called Keaton School of Arts. Like some of her previous television and film roles, the actress was given the chance to combine her love for acting and dancing in Backstage. The show lasted for a total of two seasons and saw Devyn Nekoda appear in all 60 episodes.

More recently, she has been on projects such as Mishka (2017) where she played Callie; Northern Rescue (2019) as Allison; and Utopia Falls (2019) as Sage.

Her Family

Right from her days as a dancer, Nekoda’s family has been with her every step of the way, giving her support in any way they could. Her father is Doug Nekoda and her mother’s name is Leslie McMullen. They were responsible for noticing her affinity to music and enrolling her in dance school at the tender age of 2. They also searched around to get her a talent agent when it was time. Through the union of her parents, Devyn has a brother named Kove Nekoda. She is the first child of her parents. It remains unknown what her parents do for a living or what her growing experience with her family was like.


Other Facts About the Actress

The dancer has earned multiple recognitions from dancing. She won the Miss Mini Terpsichore National Competition, Triple Threat Convention Intermediate Threat, among others. She also came in second place in the Dance Canada National Competition

In the movie Raising Expectations, Devyn got to work on set with the likes of Luke Bilyk, , and

The actress and dancer has also made time for romance. She is dating a young man known only by his name Austin Giles. Austin is also Canadian and has shown up several times on Devyn’s social media

Nekoda is a polyglot; she is fluent in English and French

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