Dianna Fuemana – Biography, Age, Daughter, Family, Partner – Jay Ryan

Known as the woman who took the New Zealand theatre world by surprise, Dianna Fuemana was the first woman in her country who challenged the country’s theatre industry where men were mostly in charge by holding a one-woman stage production called Mapaki in 1999. She is a Canadian-New Zealand scriptwriter, stage performer, filmmaker, and a media personality.

Dianna is one of the few women in the world today who stood their ground against their male counterparts, she is an intelligent woman whose story has inspired young girls across the globe to become whatever they want to be no matter who they are up against. She definitely has left a mark in the New Zealand entertainment industry with her determination and hard work, there is no doubt that Fuemana will be remembered in the country for years to come. To learn more about this Dianna, read her profile below.

Dianna Fuemana Biography (Age)

She was born as Dianna Fuemana to her Canadian immigrant parents in New Zealand, sadly, information about her parents are not yet available to the media. It is unknown if she is an only child or if she has any sibling(s). She is a citizen of New Zealand and is of the black race.

For her education, she was a student of Henderson Secondary School where she was involved in various school productions; wanting to further her education, she joined the University of Auckland where she obtained her bachelor’s of arts degree in theatre arts upon her graduation in the year 2005. Fuemana has always had a passion for acting ever since she was a child, she was involved in many biblical performances where she would always portray the persona of the devil. It was learned that the young Fuemana enjoyed TV dramas and sitcoms.

After years of polishing her acting skills, Dianna Fuemana produced her theatre production in 1999 called Mapaki which means broken in Niue. The performance told a real-life story of a woman from Niue who was in a toxic marriage where she was always beaten by her husband, thereby making her the very first scriptwriter from New Zealand to fuse the lifestyle of both the Niueans and the New-Zealand’s into production.

After the success of her solo project which she was the main character in, Dianna Fuemana was honored with a nomination at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in the Outstanding New Writer and Best Upcoming Actress of the Year category. She toured across the US and Greece solely re-acting the scenes from her project.

When she was finished with her tour, Fuemana released her second play titled Jingle Bells in 2001 and published her third play, The Packer, as a student of University of Auckland. The play earned global recognition and was theatrically produced in various countries.

In 2006, she was offered a residency at the Pangea World Theater in Minneapolis, USA and released a mini-biography play titled Falemalama – a theatre story of how to get to New Zealand. She later continued her tour in the late 2000s, which saw her touring in North America and going for various film festivals.

Dianna Fuemana was the writer of TV series like Interrogation and Good Hands. She also wrote a movie script for the USA film commission and was awarded the US Screenwriting Internship Scholarship in 2012 after she had finished her internship with Killer Films in New York City. Her first ever short film, Sunday Fun Day, was showed at the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland, on July 2017.

Dianna Fuemana’s Family (Daughter and Partner – Jay Ryan)

Dianna Fuemana is, as of this writing, in a longterm relationship with actor , the two were known as best friends right from their time together at the University of Auckland before they changed the dynamic of their relationship and became lovers. The love birds welcomed their first child and daughter Eve in 2013.

Before she linked up with Jay Rayan, Fuemana was a wife to another man. She married the man when she was merely 16 years old and in secondary school. From the relationship, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Solomon. She later gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Reid before getting a divorce from her first husband.