Dirk Blocker – Biography, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Acting Career

Seeing the reaction of fans after the announcement of the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine shows just how beloved the show is to the millions of viewers who tune in every week. The love the show gathered is all thanks to the performances of the cast, which includes Dirk Blocker. The veteran actor has been appearing on the hit comedy show as Detective Hitchcock since 2013.

An actor who is the son of another famous actor, he has been an active professional in the industry since 1974, with a long list of credits in his name in both film and television. Who is Dirk Blocker? For fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the question has already been answered, but for those who wish to learn more about the actor, read below.

Dirk Blocker Biography

As mentioned earlier, Dirk Blocker is the son of Dan Blocker, an actor who was famous in the 60s for a television series Bonanza. He was married to Dolphia Lee Blocker and the couple gave birth to Dirk Blocker on the 31st of July, 1957 in Hollywood, California. Dirk Blocker came in last in the race of four children born to Dan Blocker before his death. He has ahead of him, two twin sisters – Debra Lee and Danna Lynn and a brother, David Blocker, a film producer.

Together, they were raised in California where the two brothers decided to follow their father’s path in the film industry. One could say for Dirk, his destiny was already written to be an actor since he was named after his father’s best friend, who was a high school drama teacher.

Dirk Blocker’s education history is currently unknown, however, judging from his television debut, there is a fair chance that Dirk Blocker became a professional actor after high school.

Acting Career

Watching his father on television, Dirk had the dream of following in his footsteps one day. Dirk got his chance in the 1974 television series, Marcus Welby, M.D. He appeared in one episode. Having tasted the exhilaration of being in front of the camera, Dirk Blocker continued to appear in other television shows like Little House on the Prairie, Phyllis, Lucas Tanner. His breakout role was in Baa Baa Black Sheep where he was cast to play 1st Lt. Jerome “Jerry” Bragg. The military drama ran for two years with Dirk as a standout cast member.

Dirk’s career has mostly been on the small screen, but his filmography features supporting roles in some big screen features. His first big-screen credit includes the film, Midnight Madness in 1980 where he played Blaykak. The same, he appeared in the Raise the Titanic, playing Merker.

Dirk Blocker got a chance to appear in a project about his father’s most successful show, Bonanza: The Return and Bonanza: Under Attack. In both television films, Dirk starred as Fenster.

His long and extensive filmography includes classics like Poltergeist, Night of the Scarecrow and Mad City. In television, he appeared in CHiPs, and most recently and currently, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

So far, Dirk Blocker’s long career is yet to feature any significant award recognition.

His Net Worth

Dirk Blocker might not be the biggest name in Hollywood or one of its prettiest faces, but the veteran has been able to build a solid career in the industry, playing supporting roles for which he has built a net worth of $3 million, providing a more than decent life for himself and his family.

Dirk Blocker’s Wife

Dirk Blocker has been able to pull off what many in Hollywood and the world as a whole have found difficult to achieve – a long and happy marriage. The actor has been married to Danielle Aubuchon since November 3, 1990.

His wife, Danielle, is the daughter of famed actor, Jacques Aubuchon. Her brother is Remi Aubuchon who is a producer of the classic TV show, 24.

Height and Body Features

Dirk Blocker stands at 6 feet 4 inch tall. His weight is currently unknown. He has a bald head. While he does not exactly possess the most athletic body, he has a mid ranged body size that allows him to play roles in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the comic relief supporting character.