Does Tamron Hall Have A Husband and What Is Her Relationship With Lawrence O’Donnell?

Does Tamron Hall Have A Husband and What Is Her Relationship With Lawrence O’Donnell?

Tamron Hall is a well-known broadcaster and journalist who has been on television for several decades. The Temple University graduate served NBC for over ten years and is presently the host of a self-titled syndicated talk show. Most celebrities do not have the luxury of keeping their relationships off the public eye. And the constant attention they get can take a toll on a budding relationship if not well managed. Thankfully, Tamron has been lucky enough to find fulfillment in her personal life as she’s with someone she considers her greatest and deepest love.

Who Is Tamron Hall Husband?

It came as a shock when Tamron announced on her Instagram account on the 4th of March 2019 that she wasn’t only married but was 32 weeks pregnant. She successfully kept both news under wraps until she felt ready to share with the general public.

Although she revealed in a sit-down with Steve Harvey in 2017 that she had a boyfriend whom she refused to reveal his identity, no one imagined things would progress so rapidly with the love birds.

Speaking about her husband, Tamron Hall revealed that they had been friends for several years before they began dating in February 2017 after she left NBC. Her husband is Steven Greener and he works as partner and Head of Music Talent at Primary Wave Entertainment. He has worked closely with several celebrities including Fantasia, Cee Lo Green, Brandy, Cypress Hill, Melissa Etheridge, and several others.

The duo got married in an intimate ceremony that took place in their home and welcomed their son Moses on the 25th of April 2019.

Tamron grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in Texas. Referring to that, she revealed that she never imagined she was going to end up marrying a white man. But then, love happened. The couple continues to put up a united front in surmounting any obstacle they might face in being together and raising their son.

Was She In A Relationship With Lawrence O’Donnell?

The award-winning news anchor joined MSNBC and NBC News in 2007 after spending a decade at WFLD-TV, Chicago Illinois. In 2012, it began to make the rounds that Tamron Hall was in a serious relationship with Lawrence O’Donnell who is also an anchor and host with MSNBC.

Does Tamron Hall Have A Husband and What Is Her Relationship With Lawrence O’Donnell?
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During the course of their supposed relationship, they were photographed together on several outings and even attended the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner alongside their colleagues. As Tamron is currently married to someone else, it is difficult to ascertain what really transpired between her and Lawrence.

Neither of them came out to refute or confirm the claims that they were lovers; especially Tamron who was heavily criticized for being with an ‘older white man who is 20 years older than her.

What We Know About Her Past Relationships

Tamron is a brilliant, beautiful, and successful black woman. Her relationships have always been shrouded in mystery which has also added to her appeal. There have been several speculations about her love life in the past, all of which Tamron Hall has refused to comment on, leaving people to draw their desired conclusion.

While details of the people she dated are a little sketchy, she once revealed that she backed out of getting married twice, in Las Vegas and Cozumel, due to her phobia for divorce. The journalist also disclosed that her sister’s (Renate) death from an abusive relationship in 2004 had a huge impact on the way she approached her relationships, especially as the murder remains unsolved.

Tamaron Hall was once linked to Prince, the late award-winning musician. For most people, it became apparent that the two were fond of each other after Prince used a picture of Tamron for his song “If I Could Get Your Attention”. It is said that the talk show host was deeply affected by Prince’s death and has constantly referred to him as her best friend.

In fact, she revealed that she has thousands of emails from Prince which she will never share so she doesn’t appear to be exploiting his memory. In recent times, Tamron shared some tidbits of her exchange with Prince about the said song cover. As one would expect, it sparked rumors that they might have been more than friends.