Domo Wilson Biography – Age, Family, Facts about the Musician

Domo Wilson Biography – Age, Family, Facts about the Musician

The internet knows no shortage of talents, many of whom can stand tall among others from the mainstream industries. It has equally launched numerous others whose size and commercial strength could comfortably compete with the traditional entertainers. One of such talents is Domo Wilson, a YouTuber, musician, and comedian. She is known for her honest, and almost always hilarious posts on the video-sharing site. Learn more about her below.

Domo Wilson: Biography, Age

23rd of June, 1994 was the day the media personality and musician, Dominique ‘Domo’ Wilson was born in Chicago, Illinois, the United States; her birth sign is Cancer.  Her family would later move to Valparaiso, Indiana where she was, in turn, raised. It is not known which school she attended; however, it could be gathered from her online activities that she is educated. Besides her internet career, Domo Wilson also goes to schools to deliver speeches to teenagers to help them find answers to some life questions that often bug the mind at that stage, by way of a psychologist.

Domo has always known that there is something different about her; she just was not like her sister nor most of the girls she grew up with. She always had demonstrative behavior and instead of crushing on boys, she was attracted to fellow girls. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until she became a teenager that she could place her finger on what that was. She realized then that she was gay. Since then, Domo Wilson has braced who she is and even shares what it feels like living as a homosexual on her channel.

Domo Wilson, who had always had the habit of entertaining people and was known for being a lot of fun from a very early age, turned her attitude into a venture in March 2010 when she launched a YouTube channel. She posts comedic videos, cover songs, and vlogs therein. However, it was on the six-second video-sharing app, Vine, that she found fame four years later; her energetic acting and hilarious comic timing made her a fan favorite.

She is also a singer and talented instrumentalist and has garnered admirable success and popularity through her songs. In 2018, she released her debut album titled Hear Me Now. Moreover, she travels around the country to host a variety of events at music venues and clubs. Domo Wilson now creates various content on her channel from day-to-day reactions, teens’ and students’ problems, as well as her journey as a lesbian.

Her Family

Domo’s family is one big, happy pack of eight. She is one of the two girls born alongside four brothers. One of her brothers named Michael was born in September 2016. Though the identity of her parents is unknown, she revealed that her father was incarcerated when she was 3 and she has not seen him since then.

Domo Wilson Biography – Age, Family, Facts about the Musician
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Her mother was the first person she opened up to about her sexuality and she did that through a letter she left for her on her way to school. Though her mother accepted her initially, two years later her mother left her and Domo had to go and live with her grandmother.

Wilson is not married yet but that has not stopped her in any way from starting a family. Openly gay, she was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber, Crissy Danielle. The duo got engaged in September 2016 and ran a joint channel, Domo and Crissy where they published vlogs, pranks, and challenges. That same year, they announced that Domo Wilson was pregnant with a baby boy who was conceived through a sperm donor, i.e. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). They shared the details of the pregnancy process through their vlogs. Domonic Christopher Wilson was born on March 14, 2017. Unfortunately, the couple broke up in 2018.

Facts About The Musician

1. She has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

2. She had her first lesbian encounter in a military school she attended.

3. Domo has over 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

4. Wilson had a miscarriage in 2015, in her first attempt to have a baby through sperm donation.

5. Domo Wilson stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 55kg. The entertainer sports black hair which is perfectly complemented by her blue eyes.

6. In February 2019, Domo Wilson opened up in one of her videos that she is actually bisexual.

7. She started trending on Twitter on February 15, 2019, after she announced she was giving away money to fans who needed help.

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