Doug Hitchner – Bio, What To Know About Hallie Jackson’s husband

Doug Hitchner – Bio, What To Know About Hallie Jackson’s husband

Hallie Jackson is known by almost everyone who follows the news as she is the Chief White House Correspondent for National Broadcasting Company (NBC) news. More so, she is an anchor for several news shows on MSNBC and has worked with several news agencies. In spite of all her fame, Doug Hitchner who is her husband has managed to keep his profile very low through the years so much that nothing much is known about him.

That said, he is a former varsity baseball player, an American baseball coach, and a part-time hunter who rose to popularity after he got married to the popular reporter. Known to be an extremely private person, here are some interesting facts you would be interested in knowing about Hitchner.

Doug Hitchner’s Biography 

Douglas Hitchner who is popularly known as Doug Hitchner was born in the United States. It is believed by some that the date of his birth is March 10, 1983, but there is still no confirmation in regards to that. For someone who is maintaining a very quiet life, it is not known how he was brought up or even anything about his family.

After he was through with his high school education, he went to John Hopkins University. Thanks to his skills in baseball, he made it to the university team and even got the opportunity to play for the university at various competitions. Although many would have thought he would make a career out of the sport he has loved as a player, Doug Hitchner did not follow that path.

He later became a member of his varsity baseball coaching team when he was through with his studies.

Personal Life and Wife (Hallie Jackson)

When Doug was in college, he met a young lady named Hallie Jackson who was studying political science. Soon after their meeting, the two began dating, and finally, in 2011, they became man and wife. Despite dating a popular figure as Jackson, the couple still managed to go unnoticed by the media or even the public.

Having dated for quite a while, Doug proposed to his better half in 2010. A year later, they got married at Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks County. As one would expect of a notoriously private couple, they had a very private wedding ceremony that not too many people were aware of. In fact, it was only the close friends and family members of the duo that graced the union. Furthermore, it was so exclusive that only a few pictures of the wedding can be found on the internet.

Doug Hitchner – Bio, What To Know About Hallie Jackson’s husband
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The couple is now the proud parents of two girls. Being private people, the names of the two girls are unknown and so is their date of birth. We, however, know that the family lives together in New York City.

Doug Hitchner Net worth

Like most other things about Doug Hitchner, his exact net worth is not known. His wife, on the other hand, is said to be worth around a million dollars as she earns more than $210,000 per annum in salary.

Other Interesting Facts About Doug Hitchner

Doug is a very private person and is apparently good at it. He has been able to keep away a lot about his life from the media despite being married to a popular TV reporter.

His wife, Hallie Marie Jackson has been a journalist since 2006 when she joined WBOC-TV. Born in 1984 and raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania, she went to Pennsbury High School before proceeding to Johns Hopkins University where she met her future husband, Hitchner.

Doug Hitchner was a very good baseball player and this earned him a position on the varsity coaching team after his studies. He was a good player at John Hopkins University as he was considered an outstanding blocker and receiver during his time with the varsity team.

He only appears once in a while on Hallie’s social media pages but neither of their daughters has appeared on Hallie’s social media pages.

Hitcher is a part-time hunter and he is great at it too. His Instagram account shows that he hunts various animals ranging from Ducks to Deers.

He likes to compete at various fishing events and has won several prizes at it.

Doug’s wife has been the White House chief correspondent for the network since the start of 2017. However, she also anchors for MSNBC.

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