Doug Stanhope Wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Wiki, Net Worth

One thing is for certain: Doug Stanhope can make anybody laugh. Well, almost anybody. The standup comedian, author, and actor is well known for his controversial and cynical approach to his craft.

He has also been rebuked occasionally for doing things that people saw as inappropriate and distasteful. However, this hasn’t stopped him from growing in his craft, as he has toured outside the United States in countries like Canada and Scotland. He has also appeared in a myriad of talk shows and movies while working with comic greats such as Chris Rock.

Doug Stanhope’s Wiki

Doug started his standup comedy career in 1990 and has only grown ever since. He has performed at events such as the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, the US Comedy Arts Festival in Colorado, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.

He has worked with big names like FOX and SIRIUS Satellite Radio. In 2002, Doug had his own prank show on FOX titled Invasion of Hidden Cameras. He also contributed his talent and penchant for mischief on Spy TV. For the next two years, Doug Stanhope and Joe Rogan hosted the fifth and sixth seasons of The Man Show. In 2005, he hosted his own show on SIRIUS Radio as well as the tv show Girls Gone Wild: America Uncovered.

Stanhope also formed a group made up of comics called The Unbookables. The act included names like Brendon Walsh and Andy Andrist. Together, they released their debut CD Morbid Obscenity.

Doug has also appeared in a few films. He invited a little controversy, for a scene in The Aristocrats where he was telling a derisive joke to a baby. He also joked during a show in Ireland that Irish men preferred to commit paedophilia because their women were so ugly. As expected, this got a hostile reaction from everybody, from the festival organizers to the crowd and the press.

His live shows in 2009, saw him rewarded with a place in the top 5 of the list of 20 Best Live Shows of 2009 by The Guardian Newspaper in London. The comedian has been on shows like Newswipe with Charlie Brooker (2010), and Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe (2013).

In 2010, he teamed up with Roadrunner Records to create their new comedy label Roadrunner Comedy. It was under this record label that he released his eight stand-up comedy album Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere in May 2011.

Doug Stanhope has performed in all sorts of places, including a maximum-security prison in Iceland, at the approval of the city’s mayor. It was set up such that fans who wanted to attend the show would have to commit a crime and be arrested for it.

After appearing in a few other shows in the years that followed, he was brought on as part of the cast on veteran comedian Chris Rock’s 2014 movie Top Five. In the movie, he played a supporting role as a police officer.

In 2013, Doug launched his self-titled podcast which he recorded from his home in Arizona. It was eventually shown by the All Things Comedy network the following year. Other shows and films the comedian has been on include the Howard Stern Show and Bar Rescue.

Doug Stanhope was sued by Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife in 2016 for making claims against her that she was trying to blackmail Johnny Depp. She would eventually drop the suit.

Doug Stanhope defines his political orientation as anarchism. He backed Republican Ron Paul during the 2012 presidential election but later switched his allegiance to Gary Johnson who is libertarian.

In 2013, Doug raised approximately $126,000 for a woman and her family who had lost their home to a tornado that had ravaged the city of Moore in Oklahoma. He praised her especially for her defiant atheism in a predominantly Christian state.

Doug Stanhope’s Mother, Girlfriend, and Wife

Stanhope’s mother took her own life at the age of 63 in 2008. She was suffering from emphysema at the time and finally decided to end her suffering by mixing a concentrated cocktail of morphine, coffee liqueur, cream, and vodka.

One of Doug’s books Digging Up Mother: A Love Story, published in 2016, was about his life with his mother. The foreword of the book was written by the iconic Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

Doug Stanhope has no wife as he is not married. However, he is dating a woman named Amy Bingaman, and the couple lives together in his Brisbee home in Arizona. Meanwhile, Doug Stanhope has frequently stated that he does not want to have kids. In one of his stand-up shows, he cited overpopulation as the reason behind his decision.

Doug Stanhope’s Net Worth

Doug has toured the world and released a plethora of comedy albums and books. According to various sources, the comedian’s net worth has been placed at $1.5 million.