Drake’s Height, Weight And Measurements
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He’s a singer, he’s a songwriter, and he’s a Grammy Award winner and platinum-selling artist and the face of the fair-skinned nation. Drake was born Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham on October 24, 1986, as the son of Sandi and Dennis Graham. He got his African-American genes from his father, who is from Memphis Tennessee, and his Jewish-Canadian descent is from his mother.

In a lighter sense, we definitely know that Drake’s greatness cannot be attributed to his mother.

Drake’s interest in entertainment and performing didn’t start in the last days, but already at a young age. He received his first recognition for his role in the popular TV series ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, which he left in 2007 to focus on his rap career. After a few mixtapes, he went on tour with rapper Lil Wayne in 2008 and was signed to his label Young Money Entertainment in June 2008. Drake was on a roll and has been as relevant as ever since.

Drake has come a long way since then, as he now holds the record for the most number-one hits in Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop charts. He has also created a brand, October’s Very Own (OVO), with subsidiaries like OVOSOUND and OVOFEST. Drake is the proud owner of a clothing line and his own channel on ‘Beats 1′, and is currently an ambassador for ‘The Toronto Raptors’. His net worth is currently estimated at 55 million dollars.

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Drake’s Height

Before we get down to business, here is a brief description of the phenomenal rapper: Drake has an average build, an athletic body shape and due to his mixed ethnicity he is light-skinned, with dark brown eyes and dark hair. He often grows a beard or leaves a shadow of it, needless to say, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a clean-shaven Drake.

The god of greatness has obviously smiled at him and he should be grateful to them, he is 6 feet tall, along with such personalities as Late Elvis Presley, the king of rock’n’roll, Late John Kennedy, the 35th president of the USA and Vin Diesel, the popular action movie actor.

Drake dodged some ‘short’ genes from his mother Sandi, who is 4 feet 8 inches tall (1.42 m), putting her in the same height category as popular reality TV star Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, widely known as Snooki. Being small is no sin, but we can all say we are grateful for Drake’s greatness.

Drake’s Weight

Appropriate weight is very important for public figures like Drake. He may not have a flabby and built frame, but he has a slim figure which makes him even more attractive. He is no stranger to the gym and this is obvious as he weighs 69 kg, which is in no way out of the normal weight for a man of his age and height, he also pays attention to what he eats, although this is not just because of his weight, but because Jewish culture has one or two dietary restrictions.

Drake’s Body Measurements

He has a certain gentle aura around him, we can attribute this to Drake’s height, build, weight and general appearance. The fact that he is well defined but not ‘torn’ has given him the upper hand in the ladies and as a result, most of his songs appeal to the female audience.

Drake’s breasts are one of his most valuable assets and it’s hard not to notice, especially with all the very disturbing shirtless pictures we’ve been seeing of him lately. His breast size is 41 inches and that must be one of the reasons why he is not ashamed to show them off.

His physique is incredibly well proportioned and therefore he has a subtle yet powerful aura, it’s almost confusing, but boy, do we love it! His biceps are 14 inches and his waist is 30 inches. He makes it seem almost effortless, but we know better, it takes some hard work and compromise.

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It shouldn’t be hard for Drake to find his shoes in virtually any part of the world, his shoe size is quite moderate and available. Just in case you are wondering, Drake wears a shoe size 11 US, his Euro size is 41-42 and his UK size is 9.

For all his fame and glory, we can’t help but love Drake, he started from the bottom and now he’s here with his admirable portfolio and statistics.