Drunk History: 5 Facts About the Hilarious Re-Enactment of Famous Events in History 

Drunk History: 5 Facts About the Hilarious Re-Enactment of Famous Events in History 

Knowing history has never been this funny and interesting, Comedy Central has continued to enlighten its viewers through the comedy historical show Drunk History. The educational comedy series is one of the most famous shows on Comedy Central. On the show, a stupefied storyteller joins the show’s host Derek Waters to recount certain historical events, actors then act the brief, revealing the account of the story and lip sync it as well. This funny historical story which premiered in July 2013, had its Australian version commissioned in 2018. The show has equally been nominated for numerous awards some of which it has won.

While the funny stories of the comedy series continue to pile up seasons after seasons, questions about the show also continue to rise some of which centers on the authenticity and accuracy of the historic stories told in each episode. To know more about what Drunk History is all about, here are the facts we have to share with you.

 5 Facts About The Hilarious Re-Enactment of Famous Events in Drunk History

1. The inspiration behind Drunk History and how it started

Derek Waters is the man behind the creation of Drunk History. According to Derek, no one tells a better story than a person who is drunk to stupor. Derek thought to himself how incredible it would be to film drunk persons telling historical events. These were the things that inspired Derek to create the show which airs on Comedy Central. The show has inspired several other international versions of it. Similar shows with the same title have been produced in the United Kingdom and in Mexico.

2. How it works

It is quite simple. The narrator of the story would recount historical events. But before getting in front of the cameras, the narrator would first read up the stories from a script given to him/her while they are still in their right senses and would then rehearse it in front of a producer before being subjected to much alcohol and doing the actual same thing in front of the camera. As the narrator then tells the story on Drunk History, actors would then enact what the storyteller narrates.

3. Are the stories told on the show accurate?

When Derek, the show’s creator was asked how accurate the stories told on Drunk History were, his response was that every date and element told in each episode are 100 percent true but what is mostly made up is the historical figures’ dialogue. The producers of the show do all their best to ensure that the stories told on the show are accurate and that the narrators do not compose or tell these stories on their own as a brain on booze is highly unreliable and inconsistent.

Drunk History: 5 Facts About the Hilarious Re-Enactment of Famous Events in History 
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Scripts are given to the narrators to read over and over again as many times as possible until the story sticks to them and even when the booze kicks in, the story does not change and the teller does not change it either even when drunk.

4. The show has been renewed for a seventh season

The Drunk History has aired for six seasons on Comedy Central. Before it started airing on Comedy Central, the show aired from January 22, 2008, to December 19, 2010, on Funny or Die. Since it premiered on Comedy Central on July 9, 2013, 70 regular episodes and 2 special episodes have so far been aired. Its two special episodes aired on November 8, 2016, and November 28, 2017. The show’s 6th season concluded on August 6, 2019, and it recorded the show’s highest number of episodes yet with 16 episodes. On August 26, 2019, producers of Drunk History announced that they would be producing the 7th season and its production is already on the way. What is yet to be revealed is when the upcoming season will premiere.

5. Drunk History is different from what Derek initially imagined

Yes, the idea was to get drunk people to tell historical stories but Derek’s initial idea about the show was not what it is now. What Derek initially wanted was for it to be a reality TV show, where he would hop on a rented bus and drive across the United States, get into different parties and bars in major cities where he would find drunk locals who he would interview and they would tell him unfiltered tales about the local history of their town. Derek later adopted the show’s current idea after drawing to the conclusion that bringing in comedians would be funnier than a bunch of drunk people in a bar.