Dustin Bates – Bio, Celebrity Facts, Family of The Musician

Dustin Bates is a keyboardist and lead vocalist who found worldwide success with the bands, Starset and Downplay. He kicked off his musical career with Downplay as a guitarist and lead singer before forming his own band Starset in the year 2013. Bates’ career has recorded a massive success since he began performing with the bands, who have on their own parts, produced several commercial hits.

Beyond the stage and microphone, the singer has also worked together with the New York-based publishing company Marvel Comics on an original graphic novel titled The Prox Transmissions, which was released alongside Starset’s second album Vessel, in 2017. Read all the facts about his bio, family, and other celebrity facts here.

Dustin Bates’ Bio

Dustin Bates was born on the 27th of December 1986 in Columbus Ohio, in the United States of America. His parents also gave birth to other children – a son and two daughters, who are all supportive of Dustin’s career.

The musician had his elementary and high school education in the U.S. After completing his first degree, he enrolled for his master’s degree at the Russ College of Engineering and Technology – Ohio University, where he majored in electrical engineering with a focus on avionics (which extensively revolves around navigations, robotics, GPS, and other navigational systems). While Dustin was working on his dissertation and Ph.D., he snagged a contract with a record deal, which eventually led him to put his Ph.D. on hold.

Before fame, Dustin Bates also studied at the International Space University, an interdisciplinary and international institution that majors in all the various areas of space studies. While his space program at the Australia-based school lasted, the Starset founder worked with over 100 space experts to solidify his interest in engineering. He also fired a Zuni rocket with them at Woomera with a payload that they designed. Upon his return to Ohio University for his master’s research, Bates successfully created a statistics-based algorithm that can assist a robot to find out its possible location without GPS.

The singer’s passion for music dates back to his childhood. The first musical instrument Bates learned in his budding years was the drums and later, percussion. His decision to join a rock band was inspired by the American heavy metal band, Metallica. The musician began writing his own songs after he discovered the Los Angeles-based rock band, Weezer and other bands. Dustin’s next move was to join some local bands as a drummer. It was while he was playing locally that he grew to become a bassist, then a guitarist and later a singer.

Bates’ stint with Downplay began in 2011 and since then, he has been playing with the band alongside bassist/backup vocalist/keyboardist, Ron DeChant and drummer/percussionist, Brian Patrick. The band, which is currently based in Columbus Ohio, is an alternative metal group that has dropped three EPs, two singles, one compilation, and four studio albums to date.

Dustin Bates has been fronting his band, Starset, since 2013 alongside Ron DeChant, Adam Gilbert, Brock Richards. His band is popularly known for fostering science and certain principles for the Starset Society, which recently collaborated with Marvel Comics to produce a graphic novel that explains in details what the Starset Society actually is.

Starset’s major musical influences include Breaking Benjamin, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Deftones, , Linkin Park, Sigur Ros, and Nine Inch Nails.

Family Of The Musician

Not much is known about the musician’s family. Information about his ethnicity, family history, and relatives is still a mystery. However, we can establish that Dustin Bates is the son of Marifi Bates and Tim Bates. The two are also parents to the singer’s brother Jay Bates and sisters – Heidi Bates and Chrystal Bates. Bates’s family members are strangers to the spotlight but they are proud and supportive of the musician’s thriving career.

Celebrity Facts About Dustin Bates

1. Dustin Bates also has an interest in the cinema industry. He is hoping to join other cinema stars in the nearest future.

2. He had his first headlining tour with Starset sometime in the year 2017.

3. The value of his assets is still under review, however, it is believed Bates is worth millions of dollars.

4. Dustin Bates has collaborated with musicians like Ron DeChant, Brian Patrick, Brock Richards, Adam Gilbert, Siobhán Cronin and labels such as FEC Records, In De Groot Management, Epic Records, and True Anomaly Records.