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If you didn’t notice Eka Darville as Diego in “The Originals”, Pietros in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”, or Ryan Morgan in “Empire”, you probably know him from “Power Rangers RPM” as Scott Truman or Taylor in “The Elephant Princess”. 

Presuming you missed recognizing him in all those, though it’s unlikely, you definitely got to acknowledge his existence in the movie industry from Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” and the miniseries – “The Defenders” he was Malcolm Ducasse.

As an Australian actor, it has been agreed that Eka Darville’s portrayals in “Power Rangers RPM”, Pip in “Mr. Pip” and Netflix “Jessica Jones” are his highest-profile roles.

To Eka, acting is an optional alternative form of expressing himself. Like he once said:

” Acting … is part of all of the ways that I creatively express (myself). I’ve been making music my whole life, I’ve been dancing my whole life, I’ve been acting my whole life, and all of them fade into each other in different ways.”

Eka Darville Wiki/Bio

Records have it that Eka Darville was born in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia to a Canadian Mother and Jamaican Father. He was birthed on the 11th day of April 1989.

True, Darville’s biological father is a well-known Jamaican reggae artist – Ray Darwin. But Darwin isn’t the dad Eka grew up with. He was raised by another musician, a drummer who makes African drums. Eka’s mum is a Canadian and also half Jamaican.

While it’s known that Eka Darville went to Byron Bay High School, it’s believed that he starred in his first TV series while completing his final year of High school and later studied Electronic Music Production in New York City. 

Darville has literally been all over the world. From what we gathered, he’s traveled and lived in 16 countries while he was still a teenager. If you ask him about this, he’d say:

“(I) learnt to walk on a deserted beach in the Philippines, lived in a West African village for over a year, became fluent in Mandinka – the traditional language of The Gambia, escaped two African military coup’s, was mugged by a Baboon in Zambia (and) toured Europe in a coaster bus.” 

Eka left home when he was 16 to gather knowledge vital to his dreams about being a performing artist. As a professional musician, he’s toured Australia and Hong Kong. Nonetheless, his hometown in Byron Bay, in New South Wales, Australia.

While Eka loves skating and surfing, he’s jumped out of an airplane in a red one-piece spandex suit. He’s worked as a Scuba dive assistant and certified SSI Diver. 

Eka believes he’s one of the luckiest humans on earth. Having been to many places across the world, he convinced experience is the greatest teacher, a master he’s dedicated his life to.

Eka Darville Career/Salary/Net Worth

It’s no secret that Eka Darville has worked as a professional Actor in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the USA.

His passion for acting has been traced to his high school days. Eka would agree that he had a very formative drama teacher in high school. He likes to imagine that the drama teacher saw he’s cut out for the profession and did his best to nurture and prepare him for it.

Eka would later get an offer to attend the Victorian College of the Arts – the second most prestigious place to study drama in Australia. But then, that was when he was equally offered a role on “Blue Water High”.     

Thus, Eka’s career started just as he was leaving high school. From there, he’s now established himself as a well-known actor in Australian and American productions.

Eka Darville Salary/Net Worth

It’s not unusual people want to know how much Eka has made from his career. Such things have always been what fans would like to know about celebrities.

Several figures have been quoted as Eka Darville’s salary or net worth. For instance, it is easy to find on the internet that Darville’s estimated net worth is 0.2 million dollars. But then, none of those figures stated as his salary or net worth are authentic.

He’s been earning a decent living from his career. That’s all that’s known.

Eka Darville Gay/Girlfriend

It has often been wondered or assumed that Eka Darville is gay. The assumptions were surely inspired by his portrayal as Pietros in “Spartacus” and Ryan Morgan in “Empire”. He was a gay slave in the former and a proud one in the latter.

Well, it’s safe to announce Eka is straight, he’s not gay.

He’s married to Lila Darville, his long-time girlfriend and they have a son together.

Earlier this month, Eka disclosed that he and Lila will be having another baby.

Eka Darville Height

The Australian actor is taller than 6 feet 1 inch.

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