Ella Craig – Bio, Family, Facts About Daniel Craig’s Daughter

A dysfunctional family or divorced parents always puts a lot of strain on their children. Such homes tend to produce children who are a menace to society; drug addicts, depressed folks, alcoholics among other anomalies are the products of such families. However, there are exceptions. Some people are able to resist the negativities and create something blissful from their unpleasant background, one of such people is Ella Craig, daughter of multiple award-winning actor, Daniel Craig.

Ella’s parents got divorced when she was a toddler. She lived with her mother ever since but doesn’t seem to be close to her. Despite the predicament, Ella found herself in, she has grown to become a notable person in life. She is best known for her role in the horror movie Texas Road. She is also popular for her appearances in Cold Room and Paradigm. Her father, Daniel Craig is a veteran actor who has amassed over $95 million from his movie roles. He is most remembered for his roles in movies like the series – an action thriller and a favorite of movie lovers all over the world.

After Daniel’s divorce from Ella’s mother, Fiona Loudon, he continued to date. He dated two actresses before he settled for the third one, Rachel Weisz. Ella is in support of this union and doesn’t mind sharing her dad. It is worthy of note to state that Ella followed in both her parent’s footsteps as her mother was also an actress. Let us get a closer look into the life of the uprising star.

Ella Craig’s Bio

Ella Craig was born in 1992 (her birth date and month are unknown). She was born in London, however, she has American nationality. It is not known where she grew up or the schools she attended. It is also not known if she is a college graduate. She currently has two step-siblings from her father’s side, a brother and a sister. It is not known when her stepbrother was born, however, her stepsister was born on 1st September 2018.

Another information about the actress that is not known is when she began her acting career. She began acting on stage, just like her father, before moving over to the big screen. She played Kailey in Memory’s Paradigm (2007); Liz in Texas Road (2010) and also acted in Nara (2008). Her most recent movie was in 2018 where she played a role in Trauma is a Time Machine.


Ella Craig was born into a very popular family (at least one of her parents is extremely popular). Her parents are both actors even though her father is more popular as he graces the pages of tabloids as well as the screens very often. Her father, Daniel Craig is a British citizen born in the year 1968. He trained at the National Youth Theatre and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1991, before beginning his career on stage.

From the stage, he moved over to the screens. He is best known for the character, James Bond in the Agent 007 series. He began taking this role in 2005. Prior to this, he had starred in a couple of movies. After James Bond, he landed several other characters that popularized him further. For his many works, he has a number of awards on his shelves.

, Daniel’s ex-wife is the mother of Ella. She is also of English descent and got married to Daniel in 1992. She gave birth to their only child Ella in the same year. Sadly, two years later, Ella’s parents got divorced due to ‘immaturity’ as Daniel Craig would later put it. Ella currently lives with her mum but is extremely close to her father. They are often seen together. Daniel on his part is married and has a stepson and one biological daughter with his current wife, Rachel Weisz.

Other Facts About Ella Craig – Daniel Craig’s Daughter


It is possible that Ella Craig, who is currently in her mid 20’s has experienced a relationship at one point in her life. However, this is not known for certain as she has kept a clandestine profile on her love life. There are no records of her involvement with anyone in a romantic relationship. Although, a picture of her with an unknown male was uploaded some time. The picture only said “Prom Time” as its caption and nothing more.

On stage, however, she has been romantically involved with the character Ferdinand in the play Shakespeare in Love. She has severally posted pictures of her stage-boyfriend and other cast members.

Net Worth

Like every profession, acting has its rewards especially for an individual who has mastered the art. Like most actresses, Ella is living lavishly; this is evident in the pictures she often uploads on her Instagram page. However, most of this wealth was not acquired by her directly. She enjoys the wealth acquired from her father’s long years in the movie industry. This doesn’t displace the fact that she generates an income of her own from her career. As of now, it is not known what amount she earns in annual income or what her net worth value is.

Body Measurements

Ella Craig has a height of 5 feet 10 inches but her weight and other body measurements are unknown. However, her hair color is blonde, and has pair of dark brown eyes.