Elle King’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Elle King’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

She’s causing quite the ruckus in the music industry at the moment, so it’s only fitting that we check out Elle King’s height, weight, and body measurements. Before we do that though, let us get to know more about this multi-faceted artist. So without further ado, check out some cool facts about the singer herself.

She was born Tanner Elle Schneider on July 3, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

She is famous in her own right, but she also has very famous roots. King’s dad is none other than the actor and comedian Rob Schneider and her mother is London King, a former model.

Elle actually starred alongside her father in his 1999 film, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

Her parent’s divorce worked out for her pretty well, because it was actually her stepfather that inspired her to go into music. When she was 9-years-old her stepfather gave her an album by The Donnas and that was the day she knew she wanted to be a musician.

Elle King’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

You may be wondering why she doesn’t use her father’s name as her last name, well the star has a very good reason. She dropped the ‘Schneider’ out of her name so she could be her own person and be famous in her own right.

Here’s a weird one, the star does not go to the doctor because she’s so lazy, but she visits WebMD a whole lot.

The star plays the banjo, but not for the love of music… it was for the love of a boy. She learned to play because she met a cute boy who could play the instrument.

One of her fantasies is to kiss LL Cool J; have you ever noticed how his lips are never dry? Well, Elle certainly has.

She is a strong believer in being kind to people because when you are kind, people want you to succeed.

As interesting as she is overall, we have to put a pin in all these intriguing facts so we can get to the topic at hand starting with Elle King’s height.

Elle King’s Height

Well, she is Rob Schneider’s daughter, so nobody is expecting her to be ‘basketball player’ tall. The star stands well above the average American female height of 5 feet 4 inches, at 5 feet 6 inches. Just in case you were wondering, she is a mere inch shorter than her famous dad, but we are pretty sure she is more than a couple of inches shorter than her mother.

Elle King’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Being shorter than both of her parents has not stopped the talented star from striving to be greater than them and that’s the kind of ‘height’ that truly matters. Here are the names of a handful of notable celebrities that stand just as tall as the star in question. Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Meryl Streep, and  Penélope Cruz all share Elle King’s height.

Elle King’s Weight

King is a little bit on the curvy side and I best believe that she is loving every bit of her 80 kilograms. She has no issues talking about her weight, whether she is gaining or losing and we have the tweet to prove it. Sometime in 2014, she put out a tweet that read, ‘ I’ve gained some winter weight. But looking on the bright side my tits are huge!’ Talk about a glass half full kind of gal.

She has never had any issues with her weight, but she did have some issues with self-image while growing up. She told People, ‘ When I was a little girl…I felt awkward-looking, so I would look in the mirror, and I didn’t feel beautiful, my mom always raised me to love myself; she always told me I was beautiful.’

Elle King’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

In conclusion, she added, ‘ You’ll never feel beautiful unless you believe it inside. I had to go on my own journey to find that.’ She had so much more to say, but that’s the gist of her message.

Body Measurements

In addition to Elle King’s height and weight, here is a summary of her body measurements.

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 80 kilograms

Body Type: Curvy

Bra Size: 36 B

Breast Size: 38 inches

Waist Size: 34 inches

Hips Size: 40 inches

Shoe/Feet Size: Not Available

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