Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Who else got really curious about her relationships after she released the song ex’s and oh’s? We know it got our curiosity tingling all over the place. So before we check out Elle King’s fiance, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to delve into the inspiration behind her hit single… which is, of course, her relationships.

Elle King’s Relationships; Ex’s and Oh’s

When the single came out, it was the go-to summer jam and it is still making waves for the singer. Not only did it put her on the map, but according to Billboard, it also made King the second woman in two decades (after Lorde) to top the Alternative Songs list and the only woman to lead Hot Rock Songs in 2015, so if you haven’t heard it yet, remedy that.

What makes the song even more attractive is that it’s not just musical notes and melodies, there’s an intriguing real-life story behind it. Talk about the music coming alive, right? she told VH1, ‘ They’re true stories. I write about my different relationships and different things I’ve gone through in my life, I had a crazy couple of years of touring and dating and falling in love really fast and falling out of love even faster.’

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

Obviously, her shenanigans are too numerous to be mentioned, but the good thing is that it all led her to the point that she met the man of her dreams, so without further ado, let’s meet the man that will soon make the free-spirited singer a ‘missus’… Elle King’s fiance, Fergie.

Elle King Fiance

He’s quite a mysterious fellow, besides being Elle King’s fiance, there’s not much out there about him. Mysteries are our specialty, so we will find a way to unravel this one. So here’s a start, his name is Fergie and a lot of people refer to him as her ‘long time’ boyfriend.

Unless they were keeping on the down-low for a bit, we can’t really tell, since they started appearing on each other’s social media just a little bit over a year ago. So here’s what we could gather about him, Elle let it slip that he’s of Scottish descent in a cute Instagram picture.

It was captioned, ‘ Missing my Scottish prince rn❤️ ❤️ @greatescapeglasgow’, and from his handle, it’s evident that he probably lives in Glasgow, but it’s been a bit hard to tell since his account has been private since the engagement.

Also, the world refers to him as Fergie, because that’s all we have got really, it’s most likely a nickname or a shortened version of something like Ferguson. We gleaned another pointer to this notion off Elle’s Instagram page, she posted a picture captioned, ‘AF ❤️ EK FOR EVA’, so there’s a first name we don’t know? We will leave you to do the guessing.

Anyway, no more talk about ex’s and oh’, it’s time to talk about the fiance and their epic proposal story. On Saturday, February 6, 2016, just hours before she was set to perform at a Super Bowl pre-party, Fergie popped the question. Of course, she posted a pic on Instagram to share her excitement with the world, she captioned it.

Elle King’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken, Married?

‘ Fergie asked me to marry him on a sailboat under the Golden Gate Bridge, I said yes.’

Despite how little we know about Elle King’s Fiance, one very vital thing is evident, the two are madly in love and honestly, that’s enough for now. Nevertheless, watch this space for updates on the cute duo.

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