Elly Tran Ha – Biography, Age, Height, Weight, And Quick Facts

Elly Tran Ha has gained a reputation as the “bad girl of Vietnamese show biz” not necessarily for doing anything excessively scandalous, but for flaunting her alluring beauty in a culturally more conservative society.

Elly Tran Ha Biography (Age)

Elly Kim Hong, also known as Elly Tran Ha, is a model and actress of Vietnamese descent. Elly was born on the 6th of August 1987 in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam and according to her date of birth, her star sign is Leo. She is an American citizen and a practicing Buddhist.

As a young child, she and her family moved to the United States. In a new environment and culture, Elly struggled with self-esteem issues because of the taunting from her peers. They were of the opinion that her body was a bit too far ahead of the rest in terms of physical development. In response, Elly sunk into her shell and focused solely on her studies, and soon gained a reputation as an unsociable nerd.

In her teens, she returned to Vietnam where she found the culture and atmosphere a bit different. The entertainment space was captivated by the sultry singer Thuy Top who incidentally had similar body features as Elly. Impressed by the acceptance she sensed, Elly started putting out pictures of herself on social media, and in no time Elly Tran Ha was the new buzz in town. The reception back home was a contrast to her nerdy perception back in the US.

The first set of Elly Tran Ha’s photos published online caused an instant social media frenzy in Vietnam. Already, hundreds of blogs were falling over themselves to have a piece of the pie. Unlike the more established Thuy Top, her photos were more sensual and “provocative”. She was here to break all boundaries. Her photos emphasized her large bum with the occasional flash of cleavage. She was grabbing all the headlines in the entertainment space.

She slowly carved out a niche for herself as a model with an ever swelling social media pull. Her Instagram following skyrocketed day by day with the help of her alluring personality and flawless body. She currently commands an Instagram following of over 197,000 on her account.

Besides her modeling career, Elly Tran Ho has appeared in various romance comedies such as That Sounds Good (shot in 2010) she also played a starring role in a Vietnamese hip hop movie, Saigon Electricity which was directed by Stephane Gauger in 2011. Also in the same year, she was given the role in a horror movie titled Ghost at School. Presently, she is a model for teen sites and magazines.

In 2012, Elly Tran Ha spearheaded the creation of awareness in Indonesia for the launch of an online game RAN Return. Within that same period, she was heavily criticized and faced controversies as regarding her bold figure. In spite of the negative publicity, that year, she won the Golden Kite Awards for the best TV actress.

She was in a long term relationship with a lover with whom she has two adorable children. The identity of their father remains undisclosed by Elly. In May 2017 she got married to a man whose identity is still vague. Besides the wedding photos which circulated online, very little is known about Elly’s husband. And as a social media freak, she constantly posts pictures of her kids on her Instagram account which was usually themed with Elly and her kids wearing matching outfits.

Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Elly Tran Ha has quite a diminutive figure and a height of 168cm which is 5ft 6″. She also has a bodyweight of around 47 kg. Her feet size and shoe size is 7. Her vital statistics are is 35 -23-35.

Quick Facts About Elly Tran Ha

1. According to Ask Men magazine (English), Elly was named the third most beautiful woman in the world.

2. Elly is a big fan of video games. She began actively gaming during her geeky days back in the US.

3. Vietnamese blogs invented a catch phrase “Elly Tran Ha scandal” in a bid to play on the curiosity of readers. Sexy pictures of Elly were tagged with the phrase and most bloggers have reported an upsurge in traffic over 1,000% because of the demand for content related to her in Vietnam.