How Long Have Elton John and David Furnish Been Together, Do They Have Kids?

How Long Have Elton John and David Furnish Been Together, Do They Have Kids?

Practically everyone has heard of Elton John. He is an award-winning singer and songwriter renowned all over the world for his unique and mesmerizing voice. His songs are adored for their heartwarming quality and ability to articulate a wide range of human emotions in a rhythmic manner. He is one of the most lovable personalities in the world and is even close pals with all the members of the royal family. In a way, Elton John and David Furnish are a couple of royalty because they seem to have been together forever and their relationship is glamorous and larger than life.

The music legend readily admits that of all the people he has met who have impacted his life one way or another, Furnish is the one who has had the biggest influence so far. He has been John’s most loyal supporter throughout the length of their relationship. In the past, Furnish worked as an ad executive bit he has since given that up to establish himself as a film director and producer. The two are always a sight to behold whenever they attend public events together. So, how long have Elton John and David Furnish been together? Here is a breakdown of their relationship.

How The Couple Met

Their love story began in 1993 when John moved back to his house in Windsor and was thinking about rebuilding his social circle around his new sober lifestyle. He called a friend in London to help him gather some new people together for a dinner party at his majestic estate on Saturday.

One of the people who showed up for the event was Furnish, whom John became instantly attracted to. Sparks immediately began flying between them and Furnish who had reluctantly accepted the invitation ended up having a great time.

How Long Have Elton John and David Furnish Been Together?

One dinner led to another dinner alone together the following night and then 25 years (and counting) of love and happiness. Seeing Elton John and David Furnish together, one can’t help believing in soulmates and partners who are meant to be together.

Even though the pair had lived drastically different lives before they met, they managed to bond with their common interests which quickly blossomed into a great amount of love for each other. When they met, Furnish was 31 and John was 46. The age difference might have intimidated some people, but Furnish took that to mean he had to step up and recognize they were both two adults in a relationship, not just Elton.

Today, Elton John and David Furnish’s life have merged in so many different directions and have continued to push and support each other to unlock new potentials. Furnish serves on the board of John’s AIDS Foundation and together they have helped raised millions of dollars for the cause. He also writes a regular column for GQ and serves as a contributing editor to Tatler. According to the couple, their love has only gotten better and better and better.

Are They Married?

For a long time, the laws of England did not recognize same-sex relationships, but this changed in 2005 when a legal civil partnership was accorded to them. By this time, Elton John and David Furnish had been dating for 12 years, and the former proposed at a dinner party at their home. On December 21 of that same year, they became one of the first gay couples to enter into a domestic partnership.

In 2014, same-sex marriage became legal in the United Kingdom, so Elton and David got married for real on December 21 in order to celebrate the passing of the law and their lifelong commitment to each other.

How Long Have Elton John and David Furnish Been Together, Do They Have Kids?
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Do Elton John and David Furnish Have Kids?

Elton John and David Furnish are proud parents to two wonderful boys. Although they were not interested in having children, their minds changed in 2009 when they met an orphaned toddler in Ukraine to whom they became attached.

Their first son Zachary Jackson Levon was born on December 25, 2010, and three years later Elijah Joseph Daniel joined the family on January 11. Both children were born via donor egg and surrogate.

The two are always gushing about their sons. John recently announced that he was retiring from touring so as to focus on being a parent to his boys and spending more time with his husband. Here’s a mind-blowing factoid, Lady Gaga is the godmother to both their sons and the boys call her Gaga mother.

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