Emily Rinaudo – Biography, Facts, Everything You Need To Know

One of the crucial advantages the internet has in the entertainment scene over other mediums of entertainment is that it has created numerous ways and platforms in which people can showcase their talents in diverse ways. Emily Rinaudo is one of the many talents who took advantage of the global trend. She is a rising internet star gathering huge recognition on Instagram.

The internet has provided so many platforms for this new generation by providing numerous ways people could showcase their talents and works to anyone across the globe easily, earn and get recognized as well, all with just a click of a button. Emily Rinaudo has grabbed this offer with both hands and she is taking full advantage of what the new technology has brought in. She is using her endowed body to accomplish her aim of achieving fame and fortune. With the speed her pictures are going viral on the internet, it would be surprising not to see her pictures on the mobile phone or any other electronic gadget of the majority of young men today.

Emily Rinaudo – Biography

Emily Rinaudo is an Instagram model. She was born on January 22, 1996, in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is very likely her parents are still alive but no information about them is known for now and we can not confirm if she has any siblings. We do know that she attended high school, Emily graduated from Currituck county high in North Carolina.

The beautiful model has always craved for fame and knowing she has the body majority of young ladies cry for today, she decided to take maximum advantage of it and it is what has given her the attention she very well desired. Majority of Emily’s works can be found on her Instagram page, where she posts semi-nude photos of herself mostly posing in lingerie underwear, showcasing her endowed curvaceous figure.

Emily is known for being an online vixen and that is the only profession she is known for as at now. She also plies her online modeling trade on other social media platforms such as on Twitter, Snapchat and on YouTube. Emily joined Instagram in late 2016 but started posting regularly from March 2017. She also operates Twitter and Snapchat accounts, where she posts almost similar contents from her Instagram page. Emily also has a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts video contents of herself, displaying her curvy body, discussing things about herself and also answering some questions asked by her fans. She created the YouTube channel on May 12, 2016, the page already has thousands of subscribers and its contents have been viewed hundreds of thousand times.

Facts, Everything You Need To Know About Emily Rinaudo

Her Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

Emily Rinaudo was born on January 22, which falls with the designated period of the astrological sign, Aquarius, from 20 January – 18 February. She shares the same zodiac sign with top-notch celebrities such as football stars , , and his musician wife .

Body Stats

As expected of any model, Emily Rinaudo has a nice figure, average height and slim body. Emily stands at 5ft 6in and weighs 58 kg. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

She is Single

No doubt that there are hundreds if not thousands of men out there who would love to be described as the heartthrob of this beautiful Instagram model, but so far, she is yet to make a choice on who she wants to date or get married to. Despite having been romantically linked to Connor Keating, a fellow star on social media, neither of the pair have come out to confirm those rumors nor have they been seen together frequently.

Emily Rinaudo is Living a Comfortable Lifestyle

Judging from the locations on her posts on her Instagram page, where she is seen taking photoshoots at different choice locations around the world, one can easily deduce that she is living the dream life of a model and enjoying it as well. Although it has not been revealed the amount she earns, we do believe it is good enough for her to live a comfortable life which makes her exhibit the kind of lifestyle she shows off on Instagram.

Her Previous Instagram Account was Hacked

Before Emily Rinaudo started managing her current Instagram account which has more than 20, 000 followers, she had an original account which had over 250,000 followers. The account was hacked and she lost control of it which then forced her to forfeit it and create a new one, which is the current account she uses today.

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