Emily Wilkinson – Bio & Celebrity Facts About Baker Mayfield’s Fiancee

Emily Wilkinson – Bio & Celebrity Facts About Baker Mayfield’s Fiancee

Emily Wilkinson is popularly known as the fianceé of NFL quarterback, Baker Mayfield. The couple got engaged in mid-2018 after a while of dating following their meeting while Emily worked as a patient coordinator in Nebraska. But despite the fact that she is known for being the fianceé of the footballer, she has also strived to make a name for herself.

According to reports, Emily Wilkinson worked at a local bar for a while – as a bartender, before she got a job as a patient coordinator. She loved her stay at the hospital and expressed her bittersweet feeling when she had to leave the institution. Emily is not just one of the pretty faces on the block, she has brains too and has been striving for her own fame.

Asides from being a former hospital attendant, she is also an upcoming social media star. She models online through her Instagram page and is often seen posting professional pictures of herself on her page. Let’s look into more details about Emily Wilkinson.

Emily Wilkinson Early Life

The American internet celebrity was born Emily Patricia Wilkinson on the 4th of April 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska. She is one of the daughters of Lori and Dave Wilkinson. She has three siblings – two brothers and a sister and they go by the names Sammy, Benny, and Annie Wilkinson. Sammy (who goes by the stage name Sammy Wilk) is a very popular singer who has released several songs in collaboration with other artists and has garnered a lot of following so far. Much is not known about her other siblings, except that Benny is a fitness guru while Annie is a podcaster. Also, the occupations of her parents are not known at this time.

In addition, details (including names) of her elementary and high schools are not known, however, she graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2013. She worked really hard to get her college degree and she got it, even though the course she studied is not known. As for a career path, Emily’s first known job is that of a bartender and after that, she picked up a job as a patient coordinator at Galanis Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills. It is not known how long she spent working there but it has been established that she met the love of her life during that period.

She met Baker Mayfield, the National Football League (NFL) quarterback who plies his trade with the Cleveland Browns. When her love story began with Baker, she lived in Beverly Hills but once the relationship became more serious, Emily moved to Cleveland to be closer to her partner.

Celebrity Facts About Baker Mayfield’s Fiancee

Family Facts

Emily Wilkinson has a family that she shares with three siblings and two parents as mentioned earlier. Sammy, one of her brothers, is a songwriter and musician. He is also a social media personality known for his videos on Vine. One of his albums that brought him to fame is Ready for War.

Sammy began exploring his talent as a musical group member before he went solo. He was a member of the group called Omaha Boys while also working with other musicians such as Nate Maloley, Jack Gilinsky, and Jack Johnson.

She is a Model and Beauty Enthusiast

Emily Wilkinson is crazy about make-up and other beauty facets. As a huge fan, she uses her social media accounts to give beauty tips, advertise various clothing brands, showcase beauty homes she has been to, and partner with a lot of fashion and make-up artists.

Additionally, Emily is also a model who showcases her talent through the internet. She has several professional pictures that she dropped for the viewing pleasure of fans, as well as businesses alike.

Emily Wilkinson – Bio & Celebrity Facts About Baker Mayfield’s Fiancee
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Emily Wilkinson Relationship

She is most popular for her association with her one-time boyfriend and now fiance, Baker Mayfield. Baker plays American football for the Cleveland Browns as a quarterback. He began playing for the team in 2018. He has won a few awards and has an impressive career so far. While in college, he played for Oklahoma Sooners.

It is not certain when exactly the couple met and started dating, nor is the exact day he proposed to her known. However, the couple seems very happy and eager to spend the rest of their lives together.

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