Emma Thompson And Husband Greg Wise: Everything You Need To Know

Emma Thompson and her husband, Greg Wise, are two of Britain’s most popular celebrities, and why not? Both had thriving acting careers as individuals before their marriage in 2003. Emma Thompson has made a name for herself as a screenwriter, actress, activist, comedian, and author. Her career which spans over three decades has seen her receive countless awards; these include five Academy Award nominations, of which she won two. She has also won two out of her nine Golden Globe Award nominations.

Emma Thompson’s husband, Greg Wise, has also had a stellar career by all standards and is most popular for his role as John Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility. Greg’s niche seems to be British period dramas, where he thrives. He is also an accomplished producer.

Everything You Need To Know About Emma Thompson And Husband, Greg Wise

1. They Met On The Set Of Sense And Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility is perhaps the film Greg Wise is most notable for after his portrayal of the role of John Willoughby. Interestingly, before he started work on the film, one of his close friends made a psychic prediction that he’d find his wife on the set. At the time of this “prophesy”, everyone on the set were either married or in very committed relationships except so he asked her out for a date, though nothing romantic sprung out, they remained good friends.

Emma at the time was married to actor Kenneth Branagh, but the marriage was already headed for the rocks. Just as the film hit the cinemas, Emma’s marriage to Branagh was coming to an end. Whilst Emma nursed her broken heart, it was Titanic star, Kate Winslet, that made the connection, after quipping to Greg that Emma would be “perfect” for him. Emma Thompson and her husband, Greg Wise, have been together ever since then.

2. The Couple Adopted A Former Child Soldier

Emma Thompson and Greg Wise adopted Tindyebwa Agaba. a Rwandan orphan and former child soldier whose story is as tragic as it comes. He lost his father as a nine-year-old to AIDS. At 12, a rebel militia group stormed his village, whisking him away and separating him from his sisters forever. For the next three years, he’d fight alongside the militia until he was helped by a charitable aid worker who helped him out of the country to the UK where he sought asylum.

It was here in London, while he was sleeping in Trafalgar Square that actress Emma Thompson took him in for a few family meals and soon he’d become a member of the family permanently. Agaba now holds a politics degree and a Master’s degree in Human rights law. He presently runs a charity for refugees in Cairo.

3. Their Daughter, Gaia, Was Born Through IVF 

Emma Thompson and Greg Wise have had a tough time with conception and fertility. Their daughter Gaia was born on the 4th of December 1999 via IVF. Emma was almost 40 at time.

Emma comes from a closely-knit family, with her mother living opposite her, in the same neighborhood where she was raised. After a few family tragedies, she made up her mind to have many kids to bolster the size of her family.

However, after the birth of Gaia, Emma attempted three more times to have more kids via IVF but found the experience frustrating and grueling. She, however, looks back and thinks her inability to have more biological children positioned her perfectly to take in Tindy.

4. The Couple Live On The Same Block with Emma’s mother And Sister

Emma Thompson’s family life is quite intriguing. While most people grow up and decide to move away from home, in Emma’s case, her love and value for family is so entrenched that she has barely moved away. In fact, she lives on the same street where she grew up. Her mother, Phyllida Law, lives opposite her while her sister Sophie lives a few meters down the road. The family constantly have dinner together and live a pretty old fashioned family life.

5. Their Daughter Is Home Schooled

Emma Thompson and husband, Greg Wise definitely are living life on their own terms and having it their way. Their daughter, Gaia, left regular school at age 15 to become homeschooled. Greg constructed her a customized classroom in the garden.

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