Ender Inciarte Biography, Stats, Contract, Salary and Other Facts 

Venezuelan baseball player Ender Inciarte plays in the Major League Baseball (MLB) as an outfielder for the Atlanta Braves. Since making the MLB Draft in 2014, he has played for the Arizona Diamondbacks before moving to the  Atlanta Braves in 2016. Here is all to know about the gold glove winner.

Ender Inciarte Biography

It was as Ender David Inciarte Montiel that the Atlanta Braves outfielder was born on October 29, 1990, in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo, Zulia. He was raised alongside an elder brother in a family that was not alien to the sports as his father also got to play professional baseball in their home country of Venezuela.

Because of the influence of his father and the fact that he grew up in the sports, both Ender Inciarte and his elder brother, Astolfo, learned to play the sports very early in their lives and both would grow to play even though it is the younger Inciarte that would go very far.

Ender was raised in Maracaibo where he would spend his days until 1 pm in school and then move to play baseball with his father and brother.

As a young baseball player, Inciarte was set out in 2008 when he became an international agent and signed with the Diamondbacks. He played in the minor league in the Yakima Bears. It was the Philadelphia Phillies that later selected him in the Rule 5 draft of 2012.

Without any show, he was back with the Diamondbacks who put him to play with the Mobile BayBears. He made the MLB in 2014 following his promotion by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Nonetheless, he only played until 2015 when he left the team for the Atlanta Braves.

He began a slow run without many games with the Atlanta Braves but he still managed to do well by winning the 2016 National League Gold Glove which he would go on to win again the next year. More so, he became the team’s sole player to make the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2017.


Looking at his stats from 2014, the outfielder has played a total of 598 games while his plate appearance by June 2018 is 2574. In 2018, he has recorded 60 games played and he has 246 At Bats, 30 Runs, and 60 hits.

Thus far in his career, Ender Inciarte has won 2 Gold Glove Awards, Fielding Bible Awards, and has been to the All Stars in 2017.

Contract and Salary

Following his move to the Braves and his great performance for the team, Ender Inciarte was given a contract in 2016 that was worth over $30 million. The contract which would last for five years includes four years of arbitration eligibility as well as a year of free agency.

Based on the contract, Inciarte got a signing bonus of $3.5 million while his salary will change over the years. For the first year, he will receive $2 million, his pay in 2018 will be $4 million, to rise in 2019 to $5 million while $7 million is what he will get in 2020 even as 2021 will see the outfielder taking home $8 million. If he is leaving in 2022, there will be a buyout clause of over a million. However, if he is remaining, he will have $9 million as his salary.

Should Inciarte win the Gold Glove, make the League Championship Series MVP, or even become the World Series MVP among other things, there are various bonuses from $25,000 to $50,000.

Other Facts

His father, who as stated also played baseball, was a fan of Atlanta Braves. When Ender Inciarte was little, he followed his dad and his brother to watch the team play.

His brother, Astolfo Inciarte, played in the Minor Leagues for some time before he was forced to return to Venezuela after the death of their father to oversee the family business.

A strong fan of Real Madrid, Ender traveled to Spain to watch the team play and he met a number of players such as Danilo.

In any case, you are wondering about his relationship status. The baseball star is not yet married and he has managed to keep his dating life away from the public.

A very fit player with a lot of skills, Ender has a good body that does not just complement his skills but is also good for his kind of sports. Not necessarily the tallest man around, he still has a good height, standing at 5 feet 11 inches and his body weight is 86kg.