Enjajaja (Enya Umanzor) Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Other Facts

Enjajaja (Enya Umanzor) Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Other Facts

Enya Umanzor is a YouTube personality popularly known for her addiction to makeup. She was also very popular on Vine during its glory days; Enjajaja is her nickname and username on most social media platforms.

Enjajaja (Enya Umanzor) Biography – Age

Enya ‘Enjajaja’ Umanzor was born on 22nd January 1999 in Miami, Florida. There is no detail about her mother. It is however known that her dad is very loving and was the one who raised her and her siblings. This was revealed in a tweet she made on Mothers’ day, specifying that she loves and appreciates her father for being a two-in-one parent. She has two siblings, a brother named Dontae and a sister named Sophia. Her position amongst her siblings is not known.

Enya is a high school graduate although it is unknown which high school she attended and its location. But given that she lives in Miami, we can speculate that it was in Miami too. After her graduation from high school at age 18, the young social media personality became a freshman in college and still resides in Miami with her family. A lot of her fans have speculated that she will not be able to make and release her video content due to a tougher and busier academic workload. They are also willing to accept this and support her continuously. This shows that she has and is building quite a large and healthy fan base for herself.

Her rise to stardom began with the social media platform called Vine. Enya posted her first video titled ‘This fandom’ on Vine on 20th November 2013. As her posts became regular, her fans and followers quickly hit over 500,000. When Vine withdrew its posting option, Enya like several other popular and successful Viners began to explore other social media platforms and is now very popular across a handful of them. While she has over 850,000 followers on Instagram, her fans on YouNow have exceeded 60,000. She continues to post her videos, especially her makeup tutorials which she categorizes for different occasions and purposes.

In 2014, she began her YouTube channel with an introductory video recorded in her room and titled ‘A pointless video’. Obviously, it wasn’t that pointless as it heralded a journey into popularity for her on YouTube where she is greatly admired for the content she shares. Enya is known to put her all into the making of her makeup videos and tutorials so people can learn while having fun. She also makes serialized videos that have taken over a huge crowd of followers. Enjajaja has over 800,000 subscribers and her content has been viewed way over 40 million times.

Enjajaja (Enya Umanzor) Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Other Facts
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Enjajaja Net Worth

Being a social media personality with a lot of fans and followers, it is expected that her net worth should be very reasonable. Well, exact figures as regards Enya’s earnings from both social media and other ventures she might be involved in are not known yet. The public seems to be left to speculate on some aspects of her life and this is one of them. Considering the fact that the former Vine star is a freshman at college, it is assumed that more of her time and concentration will be going towards her studies. If this holds true, then fewer videos will be put up with time and this could translate into lesser earnings or income. Anyway, this is just speculation from our end; Enjajaja could still be raking in a lot of cash.

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

A good number of the teenagers who become popular on social media platforms are known to go into romantic relationships with fellow stars or at least be gossiped about being in one. Enya ‘Enjajaja’ Umanzor seemed to have evaded this light for a while until reports began circulating of her allegedly dating Roy Blair, a singer.

Apparently, the relationship began in 2017 but still remains a rumor as we gathered no concrete evidence about the said affair. However, if the rumors are true, then we wish them good luck and all the happiness they deserve.

Height and Other Facts

Body Build: Slim

Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 meters)

Weight: 58 kg (115 pounds)

Body Measurements: 32-25-34 in

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Dark brown

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Multiracial (Honduran – American)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

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